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PNR Review: Kiss the Dead (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter) [Hardcover]

I've finished "Kiss the Dead" the book in her Anita Blake series by Laurell K. Hamilton.

Product Description

When a fifteen-year-old girl is abducted by vampires, it’s up to U.S. Marshal Anita Blake to find her. And when she does, she’s faced with something she’s never seen before: a terrifyingly ordinary group of people — kids, grandparents, soccer moms — all recently turned and willing to die to avoid serving a master. And where there’s one martyr, there will be more …

But even vampires have monsters that they’re afraid of. And Anita is one of them …

Product Details
Reading level: Ages 18 and up
Hardcover: 368 pages
Publisher: Berkley Hardcover; First Edition first Printing edition (June 5, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0425247546
ISBN-13: 978-0425247549

My Review:

A fifteen year old girl is kidnapped and Anita is put on Marshal duty.  She finds out a group of vampires bitten by Benjamin an old World Master Vampire don't want to serve a master and want their freedom they are willing to die for their cause.

Anita the Preternatural Unit U.S. Marshal Vampire Executioner breaks down Barney a fledgling vampire into giving the location of their lair and the girl.  Anita and her colleagues are expecting a trap but when they enter the lair they find kids, grandparents and soccer moms turned vampires.  Anita uses psychological torture to find out the location of where the other vampires live.

While investigating the vampire turnings Anita begins to doubt her relationship to eighteen year old Sin and the jealously of Asher.  Anita enters the Circus Nightclub to spend time with her vampire lover Jean-Claude accompanied by her live-in lovers wereleopards Micah and Nathaniel.  Asher becomes so mad he fights with his male lover injuring Anita along the way.  Jean-Claude is enraged and tells Asher to leave St. Louis immediately while another vampire is plotting the demise of Anita, Jean-Claude and her friends.

This latest entry in the Anita Blake series is a great edition with a kick ass heroine and great storyline.  The action was very fast paced and I'm glad Anita finally has control over the Ardeur.  She doesn't have to rely on her men when she is working her cases.

I really enjoyed reading the love scene between Anita and Nathaniel but I skipped the ones she had with Micah (I'm not a fan of his).


Thanks Penguin Canada for sending me this book to review, greatly appreciated!

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