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p.m. terrell's Vicki's Key Blog Tour with Giveaway and Guest Post

I am so excited to p.m. terrell here to talk about What Characters Grab You in a Guest Post here at Paranormal and Romantic Suspense Reviews.

pm. terrell is currently touring to promote her new release Vicki's Key, a paranormal romantic suspense book.

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Thank you Goddess Fish and pm. terrell for letting me join your blog tour with a Guest Post.

Please take it away, pm. terrell!


I have to admit, writing Vicki’s Key was the most fun I ever had writing a book. It all happened when the character of the Irishman, Dylan Maguire, was introduced.

You see, Vicki Boyd is a psychic spy who decides to leave the CIA after a botched mission. Her job is based on the real psychic spy program that began during the Cold War and is still conducted today. Not knowing what she wants to do with the rest of her life, she takes a job working for an elderly woman for the summer while she pulls herself together.

But when she arrives, she finds that Laurel Maguire has suffered a stroke and is confined to her third floor bedroom. And her charming nephew, Dylan, has arrived from Ireland to care for her.

It’s important that Vicki fall in love with Dylan in order for the plot to unfold as it does. So I used my own background and training as an analyst to decide what makes women fall hard and fall quickly in love.

I found a number of studies into what women found were the sexiest accents. They are #1: Scottish; #2: Irish; and #3: Australian. When we think of sexy Scots, invariably Sean Connery comes to mind. And while Scotland and Ireland are separated only by the Irish Sea, there are wide differences in their males.

Scots tend to speak with the roll of a tongue. The men take charge. They are territorial as a people (especially in the Highlands) and they can be fierce warriors. They are also known for their hot tempers.

The Irish have a very different reputation. The Irish are more known for working only to provide that which is needed, and spending their off-duty time in the pursuit of fun. This doesn’t mean they’re lazy; they just require balance. They enjoy laughter, good jokes and good times. But they can also be fierce when they’re needed to be and they have a long history of defending what is theirs. They also have a very mystical part of their natures, perhaps from a history of Celtic influence.

So when I decided which type of man Vicki would fall in love with, I went with the Irishman, hands-down. She was coming out of a bad situation (never dreaming she was entering into a worse one) and she needed someone who could make her laugh, show her a good time, but who was tall, broad-shouldered, and able to defend her if needed. As it turned out, Vicki had to find her own inner strength and resolve as well.

The character of Dylan Maguire was so popular with the editors and advance readers that he had to become one of the main characters in the Black Swamp Mysteries series. So in the next book that will be released this fall, Secrets of a Dangerous Woman, he joins the CIA’s ranks along with Vicki, who never truly leaves them.

There were times I laughed right out loud while writing Dylan’s dialogue. I found he could get away with saying things an American could not. And his playfulness and boyishness became a wonderful contrast for Vicki’s more serious, introverted nature. But when he returns in the next book to interrogate a very dangerous woman, he finds himself caught in a triangle that was both dangerous and entertaining.

What characteristics do you look for in a romantic lead?

After a botched CIA mission, Vicki Boyd leaves the CIA, moves to a new town and tries to start over in a new job working for an elderly woman. But when she arrives, she learns Laurel Maguire has suffered a stroke and her nephew Dylan has arrived from Ireland to care for her. Vicki quickly falls in love with Dylan but all is not what it seems to be at Aunt Laurel's house. And when the CIA recruit her for one more mission, her past and her new future are about to collide ... in murder.

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suzy henderson said...

this book sounds intriguing. I love the authors interview -especially her analysis of the sexiest accents. Putting this one on my reading list.

Goddess Fish Promotions said...

Thank you for hosting today.

p.m.terrell said...

Thank you so much for hosting me today! Suzy, thanks for stopping in. I have to admit, reading the research on the sexiest accents was a whole lot of fun! I also went to YouTube and searched for Scottish vs. Irish accents. I love listening to their voices. I hope you enjoy Vicki's Key!

suzy henderson said...

Thanks. I've put the book on my list which is quickly growing out of control. Problem is that between life, family, writing my own book and blogging, time for reading is drying up. I really do take my hat off to those who can do all of this and more whilst getting publishing contracts and working to deadlines. As for accents, I love Australian and Irish especially -although certain regions of Ireland are nicer than others for the accent I mean.

David Pereda said...

Well Trish, you always come up with the most interesting things, whether in blogs, conversation or books. Sexy accents? I guess that's one of the reasons why your books are so good. You not only entertain your reader, but also give her/him a unique education. I'm looking foward to reading your new book, which I'm sure is another sizzling yarn.

p.m.terrell said...

Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving comments!
Suzy, I know what you mean about the variety of Irish accents. There's a big difference between Dubliners and those in the country and speech patterns and accents can vary from county to county.
David, you have a sexy accent there yourself, you know! And it shines through in your books. I'm a huge fan of yours!

Catherine Lee said...

What do I look for in a romantic lead? Someone smart, strong, and funny...maybe a little quiet, introverted. The strong, silent type, but who's quick to smile and laugh. And an accent doesn't hurt!
catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

Shirlene Mais said...

Trish your book is on the top of my TBR pile! I cannot wait! As far as accents, I have to say I really, really love the Scottish. . . we were in Scotland two summers ago and Ireland last summer and I LOVED them both but there's just somethin' aboot those Scotsmen. . . on a humorous note I had to translate for my husband even though they were speaking english. . .I think reading all the romance novels paid off. I had no trouble understanding them.

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