Tuesday, July 3, 2012

PNR Review: The Darkest Surrender (Hqn) [Mass Market Paperback]

I've finished "The Darkest Surrender" the 8th book in her Lords of the Underworld series by Gena Showalter.

Product Description

Possessed by the demon of Defeat, Strider cannot lose a challenge without suffering unimaginable pain. For him, nothing stands in the way of victory. Until Kaia, an enchanting Harpy, tempts him to the razor's edge of surrender.

Known among her people as The Disappointment, Kaia must bring home the gold in the Harpy Games or die. Strider is a distraction she can't afford because he has an agenda of his own — steal first prize, an ancient godly artifact, before the winner can be named. But as the competition heats up, only one prize will matter — the love neither had thought possible .…

Product Details
Mass Market Paperback: 432 pages
Publisher: HQN Books; Original edition (September 27, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0373775814
ISBN-13: 978-0373775811

My Review:

Fifteen centuries ago when Kaia Skyhawk was 14 yrs old she wanted to be the strongest harpy.  At the Harpy Games her only rival was Juliette the Eradicator.  She has captured a man as her consort who is defiant.  Kaia thinking she can make this man obedient defies her mother's orders and frees the man.  In retaliation the man goes on a rampage killing many harpies and then disappears.  Kaia is known as the Disappointment and even after fifteen hundred years her mom and everyone still blames her for the killings. Kaia and her sister Bianka are banned from entering any tournaments.

Kaia and her sister are suddenly invited to participate in the tournament which makes both of them suspicious.  They both realize someone is setting them up and it could either be Juliette or their mom but they agree they have to participate.

Kaia knows they Strider is her soulmate but him and his demon Defeat won't acknowledge their attraction.  Strider decides to get closer to Kaia when he realizes the winner gets the dangerous ancient Paring Rod which can annihilate his whole race.

I really enjoyed reading about the Harpy games and learning about their culture.  Loved the bond between Kaia and her sister Bianka - you can feel the closeness and love they share for each other.

Also enjoyed the Paris side story for his search for Sienna and I can't wait to read his book next!


Books in The Lord of the Underworld series:

1.  The Darkest Night
2.  The Darkest Kiss
3.  The Darkest Pleasure
4.  The Darkest Whipser
5.  The Darkest Passion
6.  The Darkest Lie
7.  The Darkest Secret
8.  The Darkest Surrender
9.  The Darkest Seduction


Alexa said...

I really need to get caught up with this series. I have only read the first book and really liked what I read so I need to just get moving with this series.
I guess it just sounds so different in this book then how the first one starts off. Guess I shall have to find out for myself.

Thanks for the great review.

Paranormal and Romantic Suspense Reviews said...

Hi Alexa,

You're very welcome for the review!

This is a such a great author and series. I hope you get to read this series soon!

Thanks for the comment, greatly appreciated!

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