Monday, November 19, 2018

Weekly Book Reads (Nov 19)

Weekly Book Reads

Weekly Book Reads is a weekly Monday Meme that is hosted by Paranormal and Romantic Suspense Reviews:

Post the books read last week and books you plan on finishing this week.

Read Last Week:

1. Echoes of Evil - Heather Graham
2. Burning Ridge - Margaret Mizushima

Weekly Book Reading:

1.  17th Suspect - James Patterson
2.  Cut and Run - Mary Burton
3.  #3 Juror - James Patterson

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Library Haul 2018 (Nov 18 - 25)

Library Haul

Here's the list of books/manga/manhwa/yaoi manga I picked up this week at the library:


1.  Taste of Home: Healthy Family
2.  Taste of Home: Christmas
3.  Taste of Home: Cooking for Two

1. Cut and Run - Mary Burton
2. Six Cats A Slaying - Miranda James
3. Poppy Harmon Investigates - Lee Hollis

Friday, November 16, 2018

Abbie Roads's Never Let Me Fall Blog Tour with a Spotlight, Excerpt and Giveaway

I am so excited to have Abbie Roads here at Paranormal and Romantic Suspense Reviews with a Spotlight, Excerpt and Giveaway.

Thanks Abbie and Source Books for allowing me to join your Never Let Me Fall Blog Tour!

Please take it away, Abbie!


She’d loved Rory the way any naive girl could love a boy. Their relationship had been a sweet exploration for both of them. It hadn’t been complicated or difficult. It had been nice and easy and, for her, different. He had been her first in so many ways. Her first boyfriend. Her first lover. Her first heartbreak.

“Oh, Rory.” She whispered the words — not quite ready to let the world have the full volume of her voice. “Everything was so normal one moment, then the next you were dead and everyone blamed me.” The situation had been horrible all around, but one thing had made it even worse for her — knowing that someone had killed Rory and gotten away with it. She wanted to promise him that she’d find his real killer. But she didn’t make promises she couldn’t keep.

No tears came for Rory. Just as she’d had none for her grandparents when she’d visited their graves, minutes ago. The only thing she felt was regret that so many people’s lives had been shattered. Rory’s. His mother’s. Her grandparents’.

She tore her gaze away from the gravestone and the pain it represented.

A man stood no more than fifty feet from her. Tall and… Strong came to mind. It was more than the width of his shoulders; it was something about the set of them, as if he carried a heavy burden. His hair was so dark it rivaled the majesty of the night sky. But it was his eyes that enthralled her.

From that distance, she couldn’t see their color, but she could see kindness in them. Maybe it was the way they tilted down at the outer edges to lend a strange understanding to his expression. But then his lips moved, sliding upward, into a look of undiluted male satisfaction.

Her heart warmed under his appraisal, and the weirdest sensation came over her. It took a moment for her mind to match a word to the feeling — pleasure. She basked in the glory of his attention. Everything inside her wanted to go to him. Meet him. Talk to him. But the thought of speaking, of sharing that piece of herself that she’d kept hidden away for so many years… The mere thought terrified her. Her voice had been the only part of the past ten years that she’d retained control over.

All the warmth she got from being the center of his focus turned to ice. She wasn’t fit for public consumption. Fairson Reformatory for Women had fractured her as neatly as a broken bone. Now she needed time to heal. Oh, and that wasn’t even taking into consideration her status as a felon. As much as she wished it wasn’t true, people would judge her for the rest of her life on that murder conviction.

She couldn’t bear to look at him any longer, couldn’t bear to see him looking at her. Without any hesitation, she turned and walked away. Her legs felt gangly and awkward, as if they didn’t want to obey her bidding, but she forced her feet to keep moving.

Don’t look back. Don’t look at him. Don’t you dare.

She clenched her fists so tight they shook. A deep, throbbing ache formed in her palm where the Sister’s blade had sliced her. Exactly what she needed. She thrust her fingers wide open, stretching the injury, allowing the burning pain to vanquish all thoughts of the man.

One step and then another, she walked through the wrought-iron cemetery gates and headed out of town toward her next destination. The cold didn’t bother her. She’d planned to be outside all day and had made sure to purchase thick, warm clothing.

She followed the strip of road as it wound its way through the naked woods and low hills. Salt crunched beneath her insulated boots, the sound rhythmic and soothing. Occasionally a car passed, but for the most part she was alone. Alone was nice. Alone meant she was safe. Safe from the Sisters for the first time in ten years.

Some women spent years planning for their wedding. She’d spent the past decade planning for this day. The day she walked out of prison.

She used to fantasize about Grandma making all her favorite foods. The joy of sleeping in her own bed. But Grandma and Grandpa had died in a car accident on their way to visit her three years ago. And then she’d had to sell the house.

It’d taken a while, but she’d formulated a new idea. Visit the graves of everyone she’d lost, visit the Bear, then find a place to stay. She’d give herself one night — maybe two — to say a final goodbye to the life she used to lead and then move on. Move away from this place that represented so much pain.

About the Book

Seeing is believing

Thomas Brown can’t see color, but he can see people’s true souls. His abilities allow him to work with criminal investigators and deliver justice to families of the wronged. And he’s starting to accept that his life will forever be in black and white.

Then he encounters Helena Grayse, and everything changes. She brings vibrant color to his world, and he brings acceptance and belief to hers. But Helena’s past is quickly catching up with her, and Thomas is in the crosshairs.

As an enemy hidden in plain sight threatens their every move, they’ll have to rely on their love to beat the darkness.

What People Are Saying About Abbie Roads:

“A dark and intense romance that pulls no punches and offers plenty of mind-bending twists.”— RT Book Reviews for Hunt the Dawn, 4 Stars

“A haunting story about love, redemption, overcoming the past, and acceptance.”— Harlequin Junkie for Saving Mercy

“Roads blends high-action romantic suspense with the paranormal to tell a love story.” — Booklist for Race the Darkness


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Indie Bound:

Release day: November 6, 2018


Thursday, November 15, 2018

Anime Overview: Double Decker Doug and Kirill



The city state of Lisvalletta. Two suns rise above this city, and the people here live peaceful lives, but in the shadows, crime and illegal drugs run rampant. Among them is the dangerous, highly lethal drug "Anthem" which casts a dark shadow over the city. The SEVEN-O Special Crime Investigation Unit specializes in cracking down on Anthem. This unit operates in two-man "buddy" teams in what's called the "Double Decker System" to tackle the problem. Doug Billingham is a seasoned investigator, and joining him is Kirill Vrubel, whose abilities are mysterious and unknown.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Anime Overview: Hangyakusei Million Arthur



Based on Square Enix's massively multi-player online role-playing game.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Anime Overview: Devidol!


Three devil girls Aira, Shima, and Hana live in the human world. Leading a dazzling school life with efforts and friendships, they aim to be idols. It's a heart-bumping anime climbing that stairs... Not! They don't know the answer to "What is Idol?" and weaver in the road to becoming an idol with trials and errors. Rocket-sensei will kindly (and sometimes strictly) lead them to become real idols in an unique way for sure.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Weekly Book Reads (Nov 12)

Weekly Book Reads

Weekly Book Reads is a weekly Monday Meme that is hosted by Paranormal and Romantic Suspense Reviews:

Post the books read last week and books you plan on finishing this week.

Read Last Week:

1.  Killed on Blueberry Hill - Sharon Farrow

Weekly Book Reading:

1. Echoes of Evil - Heather Graham
2. Burning Ridge - Margaret Mizushima

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Library Haul 2018 (Nov 11 - 17)

Library Haul

Here's the list of books/manga/manhwa/yaoi manga I picked up this week at the library:


1. Echoes of Evil - Heather Graham
2. Burning Ridge - Margaret Mizushima
3. #3 Juror - James Patterson

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Bunny Express Saturday 2017 (Nov 10)

Bunny Express Saturday is hosted every Saturday at Paranormal and Romantic Suspense Reviews.

I received this in the mail this week.       


Only Detective Michael Bennett stands in the way of two lethal cartels fighting for New York City's multi-million-dollar opioid trade. And they know where Bennett, and his family, live.

An anonymous tip about a crime in Upper Manhattan proves to be a setup. An officer is taken down -- and, despite the attackers' efforts, it's not Michael Bennett.

New York's top cop is not the only one at risk. One of Bennett's children sustains a mysterious injury. And a series of murders follows, each with a distinct signature, alerting Bennett to the presence of a professional killer with a flair for disguise.

Bennett taps his best investigators and sources, and they fan out across the five boroughs. But the leads they're chasing turn out to be phantoms. The assassin takes advantage of the chaos, enticing an officer into compromising Bennett, then luring another member of Bennett's family into even graver danger.

Michael Bennett can't tell what's driving the assassin. But he can tell it's personal, and that it's part of something huge. Through twist after twist, he fights to understand exactly how he fits into the killer's plan, before he becomes the ultimate victim.

Paige Tyler's Wolf Rising Blog Tour with a Spotlight, Excerpt and Giveaway


I am so excited to have Paige Tyler here at Paranormal and Romantic Suspense Reviews with a Spotlight, Excerpt and Giveaway.

Thanks Katie and Source Books for allowing me to join your Wolf Rising Blog Tour!

Please take it away, Katie!


“Thanks for helping with the salad,” Selena said, peeking around his shoulder and watching him work. “But I’m almost afraid to ask, where’d you learn how to handle a knife like that?”

Brooks chuckled as he peeled another carrot, then made a quick series of julienne cuts to turn it into long, slim pieces slightly bigger than matchsticks. “I’d love to tell you I picked up my knife skills in the CIA or someplace cool like that, but to be truthful, my mom taught me. She loves all those cooking shows on TV and makes me watch them with her every time I visit.”

When Selena didn’t say anything, Brooks turned his head to see her standing beside him with a stunned expression. “What, did I just blow your whole image of me by admitting that?”

She shook her head. “Not at all. I’m just trying to figure out how you could possibly get any better. You’re attractive, heroic, show up for our date on time, bring wine, help me make dinner, and now I find out you visit your mother. It’s enough to make a girl wonder what kind of deep, dark secrets you’re hiding behind those captivating eyes of yours, because nobody’s that perfect.”

He could think of one deep, dark secret he was definitely hiding that he’d love to tell her about, but he resisted the urge. Selena wasn’t ready for something like that yet. Then again, was she likely to handle it any better after dinner? For that matter, was it going to be any easier for her to take three days from now?

Probably not. But like Gage had said, it was up to Brooks to figure out when and how to tell her. He only hoped he didn’t screw it up.

“Trust me, I’m far from perfect,” he finally said with a little laugh as he finished cutting the carrot and added it to the salad. “Just ask the other members of my team. They’ll be quick to point out all my faults and failures.” Selena leaned her hip against the island, her long hair falling over her shoulder as she gazed up at him with those beautiful dark eyes of hers. “You realize you’re just making it worse, right?”

“What do you mean?”

It was kind of hard to think clearly when Selena was this close to him. The scent of arousal that had been coming off her since he’d first walked in the door was captivating. Brooks wasn’t sure exactly what was going on, but he assumed it was some kind of subconscious reaction on her part. Maybe her inner werewolf taking notice of him as an alpha.

He’d considered slipping off to the bathroom to send a quick text to Khaki and ask if she knew why a female werewolf would put off pheromones like this but quickly decided against it. Mostly because he had no idea how he could possibly bring this subject up in a text to a woman, even if she was a member of his pack. Selena continued to gaze up at him, eyes like two deep pools of melted chocolate. For a moment, he thought she might actually kiss him, but then she spoke.

“I’ve met lots of guys who think they’re all that and go out of their way to tell every woman they meet. Yet here I am showering you with compliments, and all you can say is that you’re far from perfect. Trust me, women like a man who’s both sexy and humble.”

Brooks snorted. “I’m not sure if many women out there would agree with you. If they did, I probably wouldn’t still be single.”

Selena shrugged, the movement doing amazing things to the cleavage exposed by the curve-hugging dress she wore. “I can’t say for sure yet, since we just met, but something tells me the reason you’re single is that you’ve been hanging out with women who don’t know what they’re looking for in a man — or wouldn’t know it when they see it.”

Brooks considered the single real relationship he’d had and the string of short-term failures and decided Selena was pretty spot-on. Most of the women he’d gone out with hadn’t seemed to know what they wanted out of a relationship. Or they’d wanted something completely different than he did. On the flip side, he was man enough to admit he’d rarely known what he’d been looking for in a relationship, either.

Though that seemed to be changing quickly.

“How about you?” he asked. “Do you know what you’re looking for in a man?”

Heat blazed up in her eyes, making them glint enough for him to think they might actually be glowing, but Selena leaned past him to pick up the salad bowls before he could be sure

“I know exactly what I want,” she said. “Come on. Let’s go eat. You look hungry.”

Turning, she headed for the table, her hips swaying hypnotically as she moved, her dress showing off just enough of her shapely legs to tease him. That, along with Selena’s words, made him harden in his jeans and pulled a low, rumbling growl from his throat.

Oh yeah. He was hungry all right.

Just when he’s found The One…he might lose her.

SWAT Officer Jayden Brooks doesn’t believe there’s a soul mate out there for him — The One. But when he saves high school teacher Selena Rosa from a hostage situation, he knows he’s in big trouble. Her scent is irresistible.

Selena finds the big cop irresistible, too. In fact, the buttoned-up teacher gets a little carried away — during a steamy make-out session, she bites him. Turns out, the traumatizing events at the school triggered her werewolf gene. Fangs and claws are appearing and her aggression is out of control. The change is happening, and Selena doesn’t understand.

It’s going to take everything Brooks has to pull her back from the edge and ultimately win her heart.


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