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April Hunt's Holding Fire Blog Tour with a Spotlight, Excerpt and Giveaway


I am so excited to have Tara Wyatt here at Paranormal and Romantic Suspense Reviews with a Spotlight, Excerpt and Giveaway.

Thanks Tara and Hachette Book Group/Forever for allowing me to join your Chain Reaction Blog Tour!

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Author: April Hunt
Series: Alpha Security, #2
On Sale: March 28, 2017
Publisher: Forever
Mass Market: $7.99 USD
eBook: $5.99 USD

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The second book in April Hunt's romantic suspense series, perfect for fans of Julie Ann Walker, Lora Leigh, and Rebecca Zanetti.

Alpha Security operative Trey Hanson is ready to settle down. When he meets a gorgeous blonde in a bar, and the connection between them is off the charts, he thinks he's finally found the one. But after their night together ends in a hail of gunfire and she disappears in the chaos, Trey's reasons for tracking her down are personal until he learns she's his next assignment.

Elle Monroe never expected to see Trey again. The night they shared was incredible, but the last thing she's looking for is a relationship. Now that it's clear she's being targeted, though, she has no choice but to trust this man she barely knows with her life. And Trey's not just determined to keep her safe he's determined to win her heart.


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Elle stared, transfixed by the clock behind the airport’s claims counter. Each snap of the second-hand took about five years off her life. Being a few weeks shy of her thirtieth birthday, she estimated she had roughly ten-and-a-half seconds until the coroner needed to be called. Twelve, max, with a little bit of luck, but her luck seemed to be in short supply.

Her normal patience was at an all-time low, sucked into a black hole right along with her personal hygiene and her luggage. Twenty total hours in a plane, plus an unscheduled six-hour stop for mechanical repairs, was to blame for the first. The latter two were entirely the fault of the airline.

With a deep sigh, Elle looked around the large, open space. People milled through the airport, bulky suitcases bouncing behind them as they scrambled to their destinations, while others procured blankets and pillows and looked to be settling in for the duration of the night.

On her left, two children tackled the legs of a tall, slender soldier dressed in desert fatigues. Laughing, the woman bent, spreading kisses over every surface of their little cheeks.

Elle ignored the faint ache in her chest and watched the happy family walk away. As they disappeared around the corner, a new sensation whittled its way in — a tingle; the one she’d felt the instant she and Shay unloaded from the gate — the one that came with the ardent focus of someone’s attention. It took root in the pit of her stomach and didn’t let go.

When she’d sensed it earlier, she blamed the paranoia on lack of sleep and inhumane travel hours. But the prickle of awareness came back tenfold, turning her head until she noticed the man leaning against the far wall, reading a newspaper.

Elle did a double take. It wasn’t Trey. It couldn’t be. She’d left him back in Thailand without so much as her last name, much less her travel itinerary, yet the longer she stared at stranger across the room, the faster her heart galloped.

Worn blue jeans encased his thighs perfectly. Not tight. Not baggy. No doubt if he turned around, the rear would look as impressive as the front. Both his face and his hair were disappointedly half-hidden by a baseball cap and sunglasses, but he had the same strongly chiseled jaw and sexy blond scruff that made her want to throw every razor known to man straight into the garbage.

Though he never looked away from his paper, the wall lounger’s lips twitched, almost as if sensing her visual appraisal. That smirk. Those lips. The stretch of a long-sleeved T over a chest wide enough to land an airplane on. Elle nearly collapsed into an X-rated memory of how lips nearly identical to those of this stranger had pleasurably ripped away all her sensibilities only a scant few days ago.

Standing in the middle of a busy airport definitely wasn’t the time to relive her night with Trey. When her turn came up at the counter, she gave herself a mental slap and focused on giving the attendant the information the airline needed to reconnect her with her suitcase. And then with a Have a nice day and her single carry-on, Elle shuffled away to wait for Shay to finish in the bathroom.

She searched her purse for her cell phone and bounced off the chest of another traveler.

“Oh, my God. I’m so sorry.” She reflexively reached out to steady to victim.

“Shut it,” a low voice snarled.

Oh, hell no. Exhaustion mixed with an insane need to shower off the last day and a half made her head swivel to Mr. Attitude. She looked up. And up. Whoa. He was ridiculously tall.

If she’d had a little bit more sleep she’d probably be able to talk herself out of confronting someone so freaking huge, but she’d had a middle seat, and both Shay and the man to her left had been armrest hogs. Elle was eight hours past polite.

She narrowed her eyes, wishing her glare would make him squirm. “It was an accident. I said I was sorry. There’s no need to be a jerk about it.”

“Actually, there is.” Mr. Attitude clamped a hand around her upper arm and squeezed.

“Ow. Hey, watch it!” She tugged, and he tightened his hold.

He leaned his large body way past her personal boundaries. That was when she saw the scar, half-hidden behind his sunglasses. It looked angrier up close, the skin around his eye socket puckered straight up to his hairline. Cold dread licked up Elle’s spine.

It was Alley Man.

“I told you to shut. The fuck. Up.” He emphasized each word and punctuated it with a sharp jab to her ribs. When she attempted to twist away, the poke came again — this time with the cool sensation of metal.

A gun.

Alley Man stepped closer, careful to keep it hidden from view. “If you so much as twitch, sputter, or look at anyone cross-eyed, I won’t hesitate to make this very bad for you. Do you fucking understand me?”

Elle re-swallowed the bile that had risen to her throat. “I should probably warn you that I don’t have any money. Well, I have about ten dollars’ worth of Thai baht, but that’s about it. And maybe a fuzzy breath mint.”

Tightening his grip, he steered them away from anyone who would remotely care what was happening. And let’s face it: This was one of the busiest airports in the country. No one was going to notice one travel-ravaged blonde, even if she stripped down to her cotton undies and streaked half naked through the terminal.

Alley Man kept the gun pressed firmly between her ribs as he directed them to the exit. “I don’t want your money, Miss Monroe.”

Elle’s heart went from a steady thunder to an apocalyptic roar. He knew her name. He knew she’d be at this airport. On this day. On this flight.

The only thing Elle knew was that she was really — and completely — screwed. 


April blames her incurable chocolate addiction on growing up in rural Pennsylvania, way too close to America's chocolate capital, Hershey. She now lives in Virginia with her college sweetheart husband, two young children, and a cat who thinks she's a human-dog hybrid. On those rare occasions she's not donning the cape of her children's personal chauffer, April's either planning, plotting, or writing about her next alpha hero and the woman he never knew he needed, but now can't live without.










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Weekly Book Reads (Mar 27)

 Weekly Book Reads

Weekly Book Reads is a weekly Monday Meme that is hosted by Paranormal and Romantic Suspense Reviews:

Post the books read last week and books you plan on finishing this week.

Read Last Week:

1.  Echoes in Death - J.D. Robb
2.  Absolute Boyfriend Vol. 1 - Yuu Watase
3.  Absolute Boyfriend Vol. 2 - Yuu Watase

Weekly Book Reading:

1.  Holding Fire - April Hunt
2.  Night School - Lee Child
3.  Pekoe Most Poison - Laura Childs

New Release 2017 (Mar 27)

  New Release

Three bodies in a beautiful and luxurious bedroom.

Billy Harney was born to be a cop. The son of Chicago's chief of detectives, whose twin sister is also on the force, Billy plays it by the book. Alongside Detective Kate Fenton, Billy's tempestuous, adrenaline-junkie partner, there's nothing he wouldn't sacrifice for his job. Enter Amy Lentini, a hard-charging assistant state's attorney hell-bent on making a name for herself - who suspects Billy isn't the cop he claims to be. They're about to be linked by more than their careers.

One missing black book.

A horrifying murder leads investigators to an unexpected address-an exclusive brothel that caters to Chicago's most powerful citizens. There's plenty of incriminating evidence on the scene - but what matters most is what's missing: the madam's black book. Now shock waves are rippling through the city's elite, and everyone's desperate to find it.

Chicago has never been more dangerous.

As everyone who's anyone in Chicago scrambles to get their hands on the elusive black book, no one's motives can be trusted. An ingenious, inventive thriller about power, corruption, and the power of secrets to scandalize a city - and possibly destroy a family - The Black Book is James Patterson at his page-turning best.

Terry Spear's Between a Wolf and a Hard Place Blog with a Spotlight, Excerpt and GiveawayTour


I am so excited to have Terry Spear here at Paranormal and Romantic Suspense Reviews with a Spotlight, Excerpt and Giveaway.

Thanks Terry and Sourcebooks for allowing me to join your Between a Wolf and a Hard Place Blog Tour!

Please take it away, Terry!

Title: Between a Wolf and a Hard Place
Author: Terry Spear
Series: Silver Town Wolf, #7
ISBN: 9781492645115
Pubdate: April 4, 2017
Genre: Paranormal

In Silver Town, the secrets run deep

Alpha werewolf Brett Silver has an ulterior motive when he donates a prized family heirloom to the Silver Town hotel. Ellie MacTire owns the place with her sisters, and he’s out to get her attention.

Ellie is even more special than Brett knows. She’s a wolf-shifter with a unique ability to commune with the dead. Ellie has been ostracized, so she protects herself and those she loves by revealing nothing — not even when strange and dangerous things begin to happen in Silver Town. And especially not to the devastatingly handsome and generous wolf who’s determined to win her over.

About the Author 

USA Today bestselling author TERRY SPEAR has written over 35 paranormal romances featuring werewolf and jaguar shapeshifters. In 2008, Heart of the Wolf was named a Publishers Weekly Best Book of the Year. A retired officer of the U.S. Army Reserves, Terry also creates award-winning teddy bears that have found homes all over the world. She lives in Spring, Texas.

Social Networking Links

Website: http://www.terryspear.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TerrySpearParanormalRomantics

Twitter: @TerrySpear

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/421434.Terry_Spear

To Buy

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Between-Wolf-Hard-Place-Silver/dp/1492645117

Kobo: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/between-a-wolf-and-a-hard-place

iBooks: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/between-a-wolf-and-a-hard-place/id1179132818?mt=11

Barnes and Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/between-a-wolf-and-a-hard-place-terry-spear/1123951848?ean=9781492645115


At the tavern, Ellie couldn’t stop thinking about the woman who had appeared near the piano. She listened to Brett talk about some of the stories he’d researched and written recently for the newspaper. She usually found these behind-the-scenes reports fascinating, but this time she was having a devil of a time concentrating.

The tavern was filled with wolves having a meal in the wolf-members-only establishment. No one had to have a membership card to join; they just had to be a lupus garou.

“Do you have a photo of your great-aunt Matilda?” Ellie suddenly asked, and Brett set his glass of wine down on the table. Her question had come totally out of the blue, and she wished she’d done a better job of leading into it. “I was thinking it would be nice to dedicate the piano to her and have a little memorial plaque with her picture on it on the wall behind the piano.”

How was that for thinking quickly on her feet? Though she knew it was also the best way to commemorate the gift. She would have thought of doing it eventually.

“I’m sure I can find a family photo of her. I’ll check. That would be nice.”

Brett seemed to buy her story and appeared pleased. She sighed. Had their kissing brought the ghost to life? Disturbed her? Ever since Ellie had seen the woman, she’d wanted to call her sisters and warn them of the new ghostly trouble they might have. Unless the new ghost didn’t bother making any more appearances. How likely was that? From Ellie’s past experiences with ghosts attached to people or an object, not very likely.

“How did you say she died?” Ellie realized she’d completely changed the subject again. Brett had said something about the weather and snow, and she had barely heard his comments until he frowned at her.

He sat back a little in his chair this time and studied her. She really had to concentrate better on what he was saying. Brett would think she wasn’t interested in being with him. Which wasn’t the case at all. She just couldn’t stop thinking about the new ghost.

“Sorry.” She took an oversize swig from her glass and nearly choked on the wine.

“What’s wrong?” He reached across the table, taking hold of her hand and stroking it, which only fed into the way she would view him in tonight’s dream fantasy.

Nothing was wrong, except that the piano had stirred up two ghosts in the inn. Ellie hoped the women didn’t get into a fight over territory. She’d never seen it happen before, but anything was possible when paranormal stuff was involved.

“I was just thinking that we could mention a few details…for the memorial. The date of death and so on.”

Brett released her hand and took another sip of his wine. “She was seventy-five in human years, and the doc we had at the time said she died of pneumonia. It simulates drowning; her lungs were filled with fluid.”

What if Matilda had really drowned? What if she was staying around because she had been murdered?

Then again, ghosts of people who had died of natural causes could still attach themselves to prized possessions or people. Any number of things could be ghost magnets, depending on the individual spirit. In one case in the nineteenth century, a man had built a home for his beloved wife, but when she died of sickness and his daughter died a couple of years later, he continued to live there. Upon his death, he remained there as if tied to his wife and daughter and that home. Forever. The historical home was a museum in Texas now, and many visitors had seen the man in his ghostly form.

Ellie took a deep breath. Okay, no more thinking about ghosts. “So about the weather…” What had Brett said? “You said it’s going to snow?” She usually checked the weather every once in a while, but she’d been busy and hadn’t for a few days, though she had smelled snow in the air.

He smiled and reached across the table, taking hold of her hand and squeezing. “I can’t tell you how much I enjoy being with you, Ellie. You’re just fun to be around. I’ve been really wrapped up in work lately, but I wanted you to know it’s not always like this. I know you’ve been really busy lately too. I hope you enjoy being with me as much as I enjoy being with you.”

She smiled. If he only knew what she had been thinking about him in the privacy of her bedroom at night! “I love going out with you. I just…” The last time she’d told a guy she was dating that she was a ghost whisperer, he had stranded her at a hotel restaurant. He’d told her he had to go to the men’s room but skipped out on her instead, leaving the bill for her to pay! What an ass. Then she’d had to call a taxi to get home.

Of course karma can be a bitch. When she remembered he was staying that night at the hotel where the restaurant was—figuring he’d get lucky, she suspected — she’d given his room number to the waiter, paid him a really generous tip, bought a round of drinks for everyone at the bar, and gotten the most expensive bottle of champagne she could to share with her sisters and celebrate. She smiled at the satisfaction she’d gotten from that.

Considering how much she cared for Brett, she really wanted to deal with her current situation in the best way possible, not wanting to upset what she and he had for now.

“Brett, do you believe in ghosts?”

Janet Finsilver's Murder at the Fortune Teller's Blog Tour with a Spotlight, Guest Post and Giveaway


I am so excited to have Janet Finsilver here at Paranormal and Romantic Suspense Reviews with a Spotlight and Giveaway.

Thanks Janet and Great Escape Tours for allowing me to join your Murder at the Fortune Teller's Blog Tour!

Please take it away, Janet! 

Guest Post

Murder at the Fortune Teller’s Table by Janet Finsilver

Kelly Jackson, manager of Redwood Cove Bed and Breakfast, joins her friends, the crime-solving group of senior citizens known as the Silver Sentinels, at a fundraiser for the local school district. She learns that fortunes are being told and decides it would be fun to participate in a reading.

As she goes to where the fortune telling is taking place, a woman walks past. A man has his arm around her shoulders and assures her everything will be okay. The woman’s eyes are filling with tears and she responds by telling him he doesn’t know about the things she’s seen come about.

He responds by saying, “Mom, I have no dark secrets from the past that will be revealed, and no one is going to die.”

What seemed like fun to Kelly has now taken a dark twist. Before she can leave the area, she’s swept enthusiastically to the fortune teller’s table by one of her friends. Soon she’s seated in front of a Greek woman named Despina Manyotis, better known as Auntie. The woman dressed in black robes explains she reads Turkish coffee grounds to predict the future. It’s an ancient practice known as tasseography.

Kelly is told she must drink the coffee from the same side of the cup for the entire process and leave a little in the bottom. With her last sip, she needs to make a wish. She does as instructed then puts the cup down with thoughts for a positive future.

Auntie tells Kelly to put the saucer on the cup upside-down, swirl it three times, and flip it over. She does this and manages to keep everything together when she upends it. In a broken whisper, the fortune teller says it must rest for a short while and explains the grounds need to flow into their shapes for the reading.

The wizened woman folds her hands and stares at the cup. After what seems like an eternity, Auntie carefully separates the cup and saucer. She says, “The patterns — they tell of your past, present, and future. I see you are right-handed, so we start at the cup’s handle and move from right to left.”

Auntie peers intently into the cup, moving it around, examining the sides and bottom. Then she inspects the saucer and nods slowly.

Kelly flinches each time she frowns, fidgets when she stares fiercely into the cup and mutters, and cringes when she shouts “ha” a few times. Finally, Auntie sits back. Her dark brown eyes look at Kelly from their creased folds. Her face transforms as a smile spread across it.

“You are like an eagle that has journeyed to find its aerie, the place it will call home. You landed, tucked in your wings, and have found your destination.”

Kelly almost falls off the chair with relief. Not that she believes in any of that stuff, but then again . . .

The woman Kelly had seen crying earlier asks her and the Silver Sentinels for help locating people she knew over fifty years ago. They agree and not long after they begin to investigate the woman and the fortune teller are both found dead. The involvement of Kelly and the Sentinels leads them to meet Auntie’s sisters.

These women claim Despina’s spirit will remain for forty days. There’ll be a service now and another in forty days. Kelly and the group also find out about a book called The Book of Secrets. Auntie had closely guarded the book with its jeweled cover. It is centuries old and filled with herbal remedies passed down through their family. Some speculate it might contain secrets other than the cures.

The book is stolen and eventually recovered. The killer of the two women is captured. While there are no interactions with ghosts in Murder at the Fortune Teller’s Table, some wonder if Auntie’s spirit helped to find The Book of Secrets as well as the murderer.

Murder at the Fortune Teller’s Table
(A Kelly Jackson Mystery)
Cozy Mystery
3rd in Series
Kensington Publishing Corporation/Lyrical Underground (March 14, 2017)
Paperback – Approx 200 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1616509347
Kindle ASIN: B01HA435CI

Poisons, prophecies — and a peculiar past

When a local woman begins searching for a couple she hasn’t seen since the 1960s, Redwood Cove Bed and Breakfast manager Kelly Jackson and the crime-solving group, the “Silver Sentinels,” are quick to help out. They’re also quick to guess that they’re in over their heads after the woman is found dead beside the body of a Greek fortune teller — and a fellow Sentinel gets attacked. As Kelly juggles work and her responsibilities at a food and wine festival in town, she and her sleuthing posse must confront a killer obsessed with old secrets and solve a murder mystery more than fifty years in the making.

About the Author

Janet Finsilver is the USA TODAY best-selling author of the Kelly Jackson mystery series. She worked in education for many years as a teacher, a program administrator, and a workshop presenter. Janet majored in English and earned a Master’s Degree in Education. She loves animals and has two dogs–Kylie and Ellie. Janet has ridden western style since she was a child and was a member of the National Ski Patrol. One of the highlights of her life was touching whales in the San Ignacio Lagoon. MURDER AT REDWOOD COVE, her debut mystery, was released on October 13, 2015. Her second book, MURDER AT THE MANSION, was released on June 7, 2016.

Author Links

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/janetfinsilverauthor/?fref=ts

Twitter – https://twitter.com/JanetFinsilver

Pinterest – https://www.pinterest.com/janetfinsilver/

Web – http://janetfinsilver.com/

Purchase Links

Amazon B and N



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Jo A. Hiestand's A Staged Murder Blog Tour with a Spotlight, Excerpt and Giveaway

I am so excited to have Jo A. Hiestand here at Paranormal and Romantic Suspense Reviews with a Spotlight, Excerpt and Giveaway.

Thanks Jo and Goddess Fish Promotions for allowing me to join A Staged Murder Blog Tour!

Please take it away, Jo!

A Staged Murder
by Jo A. Hiestand
GENRE: Mystery


Bonfire Night! The four hundred-year-old tradition of burning the straw effigy is beginning in Upper Kingsleigh, England. The torch extends… But it’s no mock figure at the end of the rope; it’s the body of a man, an American tourist. Brenna Taylor, Derbyshire C.I.D., is assigned to the case on a team of detectives under Detective-Chief Inspector Geoffrey Graham. It is the chance Brenna has been waiting for, and she is anxious to impress him.

Most villagers suspect an outsider as the killer. But when the frost-covered body of a resident is discovered, apprehension shifts and suspects multiply. Among them are the American's brother-in-law, still angry over his sister's death; the husband, who fears his wife will desert him for the American; the inebriated, penniless uncle, who clings to his nephew's fortune tighter than a cork in a wine bottle. Then Brenna becomes the target of a series of frightening pranks -- the work of a harassing male colleague, or a deadly warning to leave the case? Her hunt is personal now.


The vicar bent over and tugged at the wooden torch pushed into the ground near the woodpile. Cotton batting covered in layers of paraffin-soaked gauze topped the stick giving it the grotesque appearance of a giant cotton swab. He held the wooden torch as high as he could, letting everyone see and snap a few photos if desired. Then, from somewhere in the darkness behind him, a match scraped against something rough. The smell of sulfur filtered downwind, and a small blue and ochre flame bored a hole into the blackness. The flame moved forward as if floating through the gloom. There was a stronger scent of kerosene as the cotton batting ignited, and the vicar’s thin face leapt out of the dark, bathed in crimson, gold and yellow. He slowly walked forward, his ink-black robes one with the night, his shadow bobbing behind him while the torch flames danced. The instant he struck the torch into the base of the gigantic woodpile, the crowd cheered.

Without a word, he walked over to the huge oak. He handed the burning torch to Byron, who held it over his head and angled toward the top of the ladder. The bright ochre flame threw a woman’s slender form into silhouette against the blackness of the night sky. Quiet descended on the crowd as they watched the woman steady herself on the ladder and the effigy rotate from the massive oak limb that held it in mid air.

The woman bent forward slightly to get closer to read the declaration scribbled on a slightly wrinkled square of paper stretched across The Guy’s chest and held upright by an old knife. Its wooden hilt and naked blade gleamed in the firelight and threw hideous shadows across the whiteness of the paper. The crowd cheered, urging her on as she peered at the effigy’s face. Ebony and saffron-yellow alternately washed the face as shadow and firelight flitted across the form. At another vocal urge, the woman took the torch from Byron, ready to light the straw-filled figure. Now that she held the torch, she raised it to peer at the face before her. A moment later her scream rose against the clamor as she fell in a faint.

AUTHOR Bio and Links

A month-long trip to England during her college years introduced Jo to the joys of Things British. Since then, she has been lured back nearly a dozen times, and lived there during her professional folksinging stint. This intimate knowledge of Britain forms the backbone of the Peak District mystery series.

Jo’s insistence for accuracy -- from police methods and location layout to the general “feel” of the area -- has driven her innumerable times to Derbyshire for research. These explorations and conferences with police friends provide the detail filling the books.

In 1999 she returned to Webster University to major in English. She graduated in 2001 with a BA degree and departmental honors.

Jo founded the Greater St. Louis Chapter of Sisters in Crime, serving as its first president. Besides her love of mysteries and early music, she also enjoys photography, reading, creating recipes, and her backyard wildlife. Her cat, Tennyson, shares her St. Louis home.






Jo will be awarding a handmade lapis lazuli necklace on a bamboo cord to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour - International giveaway. The cord is adjustable and the necklace is comprised of three stones ranging in length from 1 5/8" to 2 1/8". (It's like the one Brenna Taylor in the book wears)


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Library Haul 2017 (Mar 26 - Apr 1)

Library Haul

Here's the list of books/manga/manhwa/yaoi manga I picked up this week at the library:


1.  Night School - Lee Child
2.  Pekoe Most Poison - Laura Childs


1.  Imadoki Vol. 1 - Yuu Watase
2.  Imadoki Vol. 2 - Yuu Watase
3.  Imadoki Vol. 3 - Yuu Watase
4.  Imadoki Vol. 4 - Yuu Watase
5.  Imadoki Vol. 5 - Yuu Watase 

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Anime Overview: Monster Strike 2



Second season of Monster Strike.

Bunny Express Saturday 2017 (Mar 25)

Bunny Express Saturday is hosted every Saturday at Paranormal and Romantic Suspense Reviews.

I received these in the mail this week. 

In Allison Brennan's Make Them Pay, Lucy Kincaid and Sean Rogan are finally tying the knot. Two weeks before their wedding, a surprise visitor shows up at their door: Eden, Sean’s estranged sister from Europe. She claims she’s in town for the wedding and wants to mend fences. Lucy invites Eden to stay with them ― after all, family is family ― but her boss, SSA Noah Armstrong, knows far more about Eden’s sketchy past than he’s let on.

While Lucy is focused on her investigation tracking down dozens of children sold through illegal adoptions, Noah begins a quiet investigation of Eden and her elusive twin, Liam. He’s certain that, since they’re both thieves, they're here for a job or a heist. But they are up to something far more sinister than even Noah can imagine.

Liam has a score to settle with his family, and Sean has something he wants. The twins will do anything to get it ― including putting Lucy’s life in danger. It'll take everyone ― Kincaids and Rogans alike ― to stop Liam before someone dies. Unfortunately, Liam's treachery has unforeseen consequences for Sean and Lucy, as a longtime enemy of the Rogan family hellbent on revenge sees an opportunity to make them all pay.

Piper Prescott, proprietor of Spice It Up!, has persuaded Doug Winters, the mild-mannered vet she’s been dating, to demonstrate Indian cuisine at her shop. But before Doug’s presentation of classic chicken curry is completed, Ned Feeney, local handyman, bursts in with news of a murder.

Sandy Granger, the director of a local production of Steel Magnolias, was found strangled in the third-floor balcony of the Brandywine Creek Opera House. Sandy, it seems, had not endeared herself to cast or crew. Complaints about her ran the gamut from her management style to her lack of people skills. Everyone connected with the production falls under suspicion, including Piper Prescott’s BFF, Reba Mae Johnson, who made it well known how unhappy she is that she was cut from the cast.

When the spotlight for the dastardly deed shines on Reba Mae, Piper rushes to her friend’s defense. Who among Sandy’s detractors was angry enough to wrap a silk scarf around her neck ― and pull tight? Will Piper succeed in solving the case before she becomes the killer’s encore performance? And will she ever learn just how to prepare the perfect curry? As delicious as it is charming, this entry in Gail Oust’s mouth-watering Spice Shop Mysteries, Curried Away, is sure to delight both old fans and new.

Keeley Carpenter has found her center. After returning to Befrey, the traditional English village she called home ten years ago, she’s opened her dream yoga café, which doubles as both a yoga studio and a delicious vegetarian café. Even better, Keeley is dating handsome Detective Ben Taylor, and things are beginning to look serious.

Too bad things never seem to run smoothly for long. Eager to get involved with the local community, Keeley sets up a booth at the annual Belfrey Arts Festival, along with her nemesis, fellow small business owner Raquel. Preparing herself to play nice, she’s shocked when Raquel’s boyfriend, Town Mayor Gerald, is found dead after a public spat. Despite Ben’s strict warnings to stay out of it, Keeley isn’t going to let an innocent woman take the blame for the murder ― even if it is glamorous, spoiled Raquel.

Now Keeley must balance a precarious murder investigation with the demands of her growing business and now-strained relationship. But when the killer takes a personal interest in Keeley, can she find the culprit before she gets bent out of shape? Charming and delicious, Michelle Kelly's A Death at the Yoga Cafe features recipes from Keeley’s café and is perfect for fans of cozy mystery lovers everywhere!

Sally Solari is busy juggling work at her family’s Italian restaurant, Solari’s, and helping Javier plan the autumn menu for the restaurant she’s just inherited, Gauguin. Complicating this already hectic schedule, Sally joins her ex-boyfriend Eric’s chorus, which is performing a newly discovered version of her favorite composition: the Mozart Requiem. But then, at the first rehearsal, a tenor falls to his death on the church courtyard--and his soprano girlfriend is sure it wasn’t an accident.

Now Sally's back on another murder case mixed in with a dash of revenge, a pinch of peril, and a suspicious stack of sheet music. And while tensions in the chorus heat up, so does the kitchen at Gauguin -- set aflame right as Sally starts getting too close to the truth. Can Sally catch the killer before she’s burnt to a crisp, or will the case grow as cold as yesterday’s leftovers?

In a stew of suspects and restaurateurs, trouble boils over in the second in Leslie Karst’s tasty and tantalizing Sally Solari mystery series, A Measure of Murder.

Detective Inspector Tony McLean is on the case when the search for a missing journalist uncovers the scene of a carefully staged murder. In a sealed chamber, deep in the heart of Gilmerton Cove, a mysterious network of caves and passages sprawling beneath Edinburgh, the body is discovered in a seemingly macabre ritual of purification. But McLean knew the dead man and can't shake off the suspicion that there is far more to this case than meets the eye.

For one thing, the baffling lack of forensics at the crime scene seems impossible. But that's just the first in a series of revelations about this case that seems beyond belief. Teamed with the most unlikely and unwelcome of allies, McLean must track down a killer--driven by the darkest compulsions and who will answer only to a higher power -- until it's his own blood on the altar.

Shocking and suspenseful, Prayer for the Dead, the fifth installment in James Oswald's internationally bestselling series, plunges readers into the bone-chilling darkness of an underground world filled with ancient secrets.

Rookie cop Laura Mori catches her first investigation when the fiery crash of a sports car lights up the night sky. The fire burns the body beyond recognition, but the police are able to identify the car as that of Kent Jameson, celebrity author and benefactor of Sunrise Lake. And Jameson fears that the unidentified body is his seventeen-year-old daughter Lucy, who stormed out of the house that night after an argument.

When lab reports reveal that the body was not Lucy, but a teen runaway named Kyra whose disappearance has been linked with other missing persons -- more than half a dozen “lost girls” who disappeared while living on the streets of Portland -- the investigation takes a drastic turn. How did Kyra come to land at the Jameson estate in rural Oregon, and what was she doing driving their car? And who cut the brake lines on the vehicle?

Just when Laura is making progress in the case, she comes across a suspicious lane in the forest that uncovers new evidence that will once again alter the course of the investigation and rock Sunrise Lake to its core. R. J. Noonan's electrifying mystery will resonate with fans of Lisa Gardner and Lisa Jackson.

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Friday, March 24, 2017

Anime Overview: Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt 2nd Season



The second season of Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt.
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