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PNR Review: Secret of the Wolf (Warriors of the Rift) [Mass Market Paperback]

I've finished "Secret of the Wolf" the 2nd book in her Warriors of the Rift series by Cynthia Garner.

Product Description

Warriors of the Rift

Once a generation, the rift between the paranormal world and the human world opens, allowing supernatural entities to cross. Vampire, demon, or shapeshifter, they can save the world - or send it spiraling into chaos.

As a werewolf liaison to the Council of Preternaturals, Tori Joseph is used to straddling the world between humans and immortals. She plays by the rules and always delivers justice, no matter the cost. But after a string of increasingly brutal attacks results in humans turning into werewolves, Tori doesn't reveal her horrifying suspicion: Someone very close to her might be responsible.

Investigating the paranormal violence, no-nonsense detective Dante MacMillan believes Tori is hiding something. His search for the truth draws him into greater danger as he gets closer to the dark realm of the immortals - and to the sexy werewolf who stirs his primal lust. Now with evil closing in around them, Dante must convince Tori to trust him . . . before her deadly secret destroys them both.

About the Author

Cynthia Garner discovered her love for writing when her sixth grade teacher told the class to write a story that began "It was a dark and stormy night . . . " With that Cynthia's love for all things paranormal was born. When she's not working her day job as a mostly mild-mannered human resources manager, she's on her laptop writing or playing way too much Solitaire. Originally from Northeast Ohio, Cynthia now lives in the desert Southwest.

Product Details
Mass Market Paperback: 336 pages
Publisher: Forever (June 26, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0446585122
ISBN-13: 978-0446585125

My Review:

Tori Josephs is a werewolf liaison to the Council of Preternaturals and been living in a human host for 150 years in the city of Scottsdale, Arizona.  She is assigned to work with human cop Dante MacMillan to solve the crazy rogue werewolf killings.  Also she is on a secret assignment for Tobias Caine to figure out about the rift machine and asks Dante for help.

Both Tori and Dante have great chemistry but he spends a lot of time making excuses why they shouldn't get involved but their attraction is too strong to resist and he eventually succumbs.  As they investigate further she believes she knows the identity of the rogue werewolf and it will jeopardize her relationship to her cop lover who she has fallen in love with. 

I sympathize with Tori that she didn't want to say anything about who she suspected as the rogue werewolf because you don't want to think it's something close to you but I also think if she said something Dante's sister wouldn't have been hurt and more people wouldn't have been killed.

Dante is a great hero because you can see how much he cares for his sick sister and how much he loves her.  Love his interactions with his horses and donkey and besides he drives a big truck and is a cop a sexy one at that!


Other books in series:

1.  Kiss of the Vampire
2.  Heart of the Demon (coming soon)

Thanks Hachette Book Group Canada for sending me this book to review, greatly appreciated!

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