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Manhwa Review: Chocolat, Vol. 5 (Chocolat (Yen)) (v. 5) [Bargain Price] [Paperback]

Manhwa Review

I've finished "Chocolat Vol. 5" by Ji-Sang Shin and Geo.
Product Description

E-Soh can’t take E-Wan’s attitude towards Kum-Ji anymore. But what can he do? Nothing, especially when the girl says her heart’s not moving towards him. Does he really have to give Kum-Ji up? Meanwhile, even after admitting her feelings, Kum-Ji is still confused about what to do. Later, when Kum-Ji hurts her ankle during a run-in with Barbie’s gang, E-Soh takes her to the hospital. And Kum-Ji can’t stop feeling sorry for what she said …

Product Details
Paperback: 192 pages
Publisher: Yen Press (June 24, 2008)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0759530076
ISBN-13: 978-0759530072

My Review:

I highly recommend reading this series from the first volume or else you won't know what is going on or who everyone is.

This volume opens where we left off in Vol. 4 with E-Soh and E-Wan practicing dance moves.  They are having a conversation and fighting over Kum-Ji.  It gets pretty heated and their manager Ho-Tae and bandmate Eun-Sung have to separate them.

Then we see Eun-Sung and E-Wan in their room talking.  When Eun-Sung asks E-Wan why he provoked E-Soh until he broke E-Wan replies back about one incident in his childhood.  He was on the beach one day when he saw an anemone and he started torturing it by poking it at first then putting small rocks in his mouth.  He finally ended it's torture by squashing it (how cruel).  He then refers E-Soh and Kum-Ji as anemones.

Then we see Kum-Ji arriving at the studio looking for her aunt but she's not their.  She sees her aunt's fiancee the studio's president and he invites her to have some tea.  After he gives her a cheque for $100,000.00 which she is very happy to get.  On her way home she is accosted by a gang of girls hired by Barbie to hurt and humiliate her.  They start pushing her around and the gang leader whips out a pocket knife.  We don't see what is happening.

Meanwhile Kum-Ji's mom starts calling her cell and when she doesn't pick up she phones her sister Yoo-Jung.  E-Soh overhears her talking that Kum-Ji hasn't come home and not picking up her phone.  He's beginning to worry.  Then E-Soh gets a text message from Kum-Ji which worries him more.  Later he gets a phone call from her and he asks her where she is.  She says she is the park where they met before and he goes rushing out.  He finds her and is shocked and worried and asks her what happened?  She starts saying things and he realizes Barbie was involved.  He takes her to the hospital where we find out she has sprained ankle, bruises and cuts on her face, her hair was chopped off and they dug into her scalp.

E-Soh calls their manager to borrow some money to pay Kum-Ji's hospital bill.  Eun-Sung overhears and asks about the hospital.  Then we see Kum-Ji and E-Soh in her hospital room when Ho-Tae arrives with Eun-Sung and E-Wan.  They are surprised that it's Kum-Ji and they were worried it was E-Soh in the hospital.  E-Wan starts talking to Kum-Ji and saying that's she's always getting in trouble.  Kum-Ji starts yelling at him and saying, "it's none of his business!"  He replies back, "I'm an idiot and why should I care it's not my business!" and leaves.  Kum-Ji is sad and we see she really wanted to see him but not like that. Ho-Tae pays the hospital bill and everyone leaves.

Then it's the next day and Yoo-Jung tells her sister that Kum-Ji fell asleep and is okay.  Kum-Ji is wearing a wig and she thanks the wig stylist.  She goes out for the day with E-Soh and he confesses to her he can be a normal with her.  They get their picture taken and E-Soh isn't happy about it since it can cause trouble.  We find out the photographers are his parents and they have come to see him.  He tries to get away but is caught and he takes them and Ho-Tae to dinner.

Then we see E-Wan has come home and he thinks he is coming down with a cold so he declines dinner.  He goes to his room when a cell phone rings and we find out it's E-Soh's (he gets a couple of messages).  When E-Soh phones his call E-Wan picks up and E-Soh asks him if Kum-Ji might have called him?  E-Wan starts yelling, "I'm not your personal messenger" and hangs up.

We see Kum-Ji walking when Barbie pops out from behind a tree.  They start talking when Barbie slaps Kum-Ji pretty hard and starts saying some things.  Kum-Ji finally has enough and snaps.  She starts pulling Barbie's hair, throws her around and punches her.  Finally they finish their fight and they come to an understanding.  The we see Kum-Ji outside the window of E-Soh's place and she is phoning his cell.  She also is banging on the window and is surprised to see E-Wan.  He asks her for a favor and get him some cold medicine.  She goes and gets the only one that is bitter and he says he can't take any Chinese medicine.  Then we see him debating rather to take it or not and in the background Kum-Ji is saying please take it.  He finally decides not to take it and she is about to leave.  E-Wan says E-Soh should be back soon so she stays but he never arrives.  Time goes by slowly and before long it's been awhile.  She is about to take off when E-Wan says you are going to leave you are out all night don't tell me you are tired?"  So she decides to stay and she notices E-Wan playing games, watching TV, chatting on his phone and thinking.  Suddenly he touches her face and says you've been fighting again" and she pulls away.  She starts saying things and stops in the middle of a sentence.  E-Wan tells her you can't just stop like that and she then confesses, is it okay to like you?"

Then the volume ends!


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Thanks Hachette Book Group Canada and Yen Press for sending me this manhwa to review, greatly appreciated!


Krista Raven said...

OHHH, this sounds so much better than the Manga I read. So Vol 1 I will start with. Thanks

Alison Can Read said...

I find that it's necessary to read pretty much every manga series from the very beginning to know what's going on. At least all those I've read. Are there any that you think you can step into in the middle?

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