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Love is Murder Blog Tour with Mariah Stewart Excerpt and Review

Thanks to Media Muscle for letting me join the Love Is Murder Blog Tour!

Love Is Murder [Hardcover]

Product Description

Lori Armstrong * Jeff Ayers & Jon Land * Beverly Barton * William Bernhardt * Allison Brennan * Robert Browne * Pamela Callow * Lee Child * J.T. Ellison * Bill Floyd * Cindy Gerard * Heather Graham * Laura Griffin * Vicki Hinze * Andrea Kane *Julie Kenner * Sherrilyn Kenyon * Dianna Love * D.P. Lyle * James Macomber * Toni McGee Causey * Carla Neggers * Brenda Novak * Patricia Rosemoor * William Simon * Alexandra Sokoloff * Roxanne St. Claire * Mariah Stewart * Debra Webb

Prepare for heart-racing suspense in this original collection by thirty of the hottest bestselling authors and new voices writing romance suspense today.

Go on vacation with Allison Brennan's Lucy Kincaid, where she saves a man from drowning, only to discover he is in far greater danger on land. Meet Roxanne St. Claire's "bullet catcher" — bodyguard Donovan Rush — who may have met his match in the sexually charged "Diamond Drop." Debut author William Simon shows us what happens when the granddaughter of the president of the United States is kidnapped. And Lee Child's pitch-perfect "I Heard a Romantic Story" puts a whole new spin on Love Is Murder.

Bodyguards, vigilantes, stalkers, serial killers, women (and men!) in jeopardy, cops, thieves, P.I.s, killers — these all-new stories will keep you thrilled and chilled late into the night.

Product Details
Hardcover: 608 pages
Publisher: Mira (May 29, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0778313441
ISBN-13: 978-0778313441

Mariah Stewart – Without Mercy


Mallory Russo stood and eased the kinks from her back. She’d spent most of the afternoon sitting in the same spot, reading resumes that had flooded in to her employer, the Mercy Street Foundation. Ever since her boss, megamogul Robert Magellan, announced that he was funding an organization to investigate unsolved missing persons cases and needed to hire the best law enforcement personnel he could find, the flow of resumes had been nonstop.

The foundation was a private investigative firm with a unique twist: once a case was selected, their services were free. So now, they needed staff to handle the number of cases that were coming in. Mallory was wavering between two hopefuls — a retired detective from Miami and an FBI profiler who was looking for some new challenges — when the phone in her pocket rang.


Mariah Stewart is the award-winning New York Times, USA TODAY and Publishers Weekly bestselling author of thirty novels, three novellas, and three short stories, and has been featured in the Wall Street Journal. Her books are currently published by both Pocket Books and Ballantine Books. She has the unique distinction of having had the same agent and the same editorial team for every one of her novels.

A native of Highstown, New Jersey, Stewart is a member of novelists, Inc, Thriller Writers International, PASIC, the Romance Writers of America, the New Jersey Romance Writers, the Valley Forge Romance Writers and the Washington Romance Writers. She lives with her husband and their dogs amidst the rolling hills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, where she savors country life, tends her gardens, and tries to avoid running the amish buggies off the road with her SUV.

She considers herself one lucky son of a gun to have landed the best job in the world: getting paid for making up stories. At home. In sweats and J. Crew flip flops. Could life be sweeter?

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My Review:

I've been waiting for this book to be released and I was so happy when Media Muscle gave me great opportunity to join the Love is Murder Blog Tour with a review and excerpts.

This compilation had a lot of my favorite authors involved (Beverly Barton, Allison Brennan, Sandra Brown, Lee Child, Cindy Gerard, Heather Graham, Laura Griffin, Andrea Kane, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Dianna Love, Carla Neggers, Brenda Novak, Roxanne St. Clair, Mariah Stewart and Debra Webb.  There were some authors I never heard of and others I have but never had an opportunity to read until now. 

I really enjoyed the stories though there were some better than others and I have found some authors I will be adding to the TBR pile.  There were elements of paranormal, romantic suspense and tense and spine tingling stories - for your reading enjoyment.

Highly recommend reading and it definitely has my stamp of approval!


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