Thursday, June 7, 2012

BEA: Beyond the Blog

Today's topic is beyond the blog and we are suppose to take about things/events outside our blogs or great opportunities that we have received because of our blog.

My blog has helped me work with awesome authors, publishers, publicists and blog tour hosts.  I have been offered book reviews, giveaways, guest posts, interviews and blog tours.  I'm very grateful for the great opportunities I have been offered to host and review.  I've also grateful to have interact with some great bloggers.

Outside my blog I'm an avid gamer, love to sing, dance, read manga/manhwa and watch animes.  Some of my favorite TV series are The Borgias, Breaking Bad and Columbo.  I also love watching old movies, 80's movies and listening to 80's music.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I have other hobbies myself that I need time for so I haven't ventured beyond my blog. I have a quilting blog but it is time to delete it since I am not quilting much. I spend more time with colored pencils and sewing projects.

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