Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Blog Roll Call

Hi my Blogger Friends and Followers,

I have added a Blog Roll Tab and I would love to add your blog.  If you are interested please leave a comment with your blog name and link, thanks!

I have a poll asking you if you would be interested in having a blog being showcased every week or month?  Please leave a comment and/or vote in the poll, thanks!


Viari Rose said...

Wow funny that you mention that, I've been thinking the same thing, though I have toyed with the idea of it being a meme. I've even toyed with graphics for it.

Brianna Lee said...

I would love to be a part of your blog roll and would be interested in hosting one as well.

Brianna Lee

Concise Reviews By Michelle said...

Hi, would love to be on your blog roll page. I have a cool button, right sidebar down a little ways. I will add yours to my blog badge page too, and blog roll on sidebar. :)
Concise Book Reviews by Michelle

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