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Manhwa Review: Chocolat, Vol. 4 (Chocolat (Yen)) (v. 4) [Paperback]

Chocolat Manhwa Review

Product Description

Kum-Ji thought the band was going to Miami, but she ends up stuck in the smelly countryside! To make things worse, the water snakes attack her! Ah - the dream of the beautiful beaches of Miami has all blown away! Moreover, when she open her eyes, she finds herself in the arms of E-Wan! E-Soh gets jealous as can be, while Kun-Ji can't make her heart stop beating so fast! Find out more about their love triangle in this fourth book of the series!

About the Author

JiSang Shin and Geo are the creative team behind a number of popular manhwa titles, including Very! Very! Sweet, Chocolat, Rolling, and Sad Love Story.

Product Details
Paperback: 192 pages
Publisher: Yen Press (November 15, 2006)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 8952744993
ISBN-13: 978-8952744999

My Review:

Kum-Ji finds herself with the band in the countryside at the farm of Wu-Hee grandparents.  E-Wan is his usual self by teasing Kum-Ji (I have always loved their interactions).  Then they decide to go swimming when Kum-Ji gets scared by a water snake and faints.  E-Wan gets upset and goes to rescue her by carrying her on his back to the cabin.  When Kum-Ji wakes up she panics and tells E-Wan to let her down but he doesn't.  She resorts to biting him and he finally drops her while she starts insulting him.  E-Soh is pouting with jealousy in the background (He vows to fight for E-Wan to win Kum-Ji's heart).

While everyone else goes to collect watermelon to eat Kum-Ji borrows someone's cellphone to call her friends.  She goes up to the attic where she encounters E-Wan and he berates her that she stole his phone.  He starts talking to her and reaches to touch her hair but she moves away.  Then he allows her to use his phone and she falls asleep.  E-Soh comes back and sees E-Wan's shoes and he panics.  He starts calling him when E-Wan comes down the stairs annoyed and taunts E-Soh that he was sleeping with Kum-Ji in attic.  E-Soh  panics again but reasons with himself that nothing happened between them that E-Wan was just toying with him.

Also in this volume we see more jealousy between E-Soh when Kum-Ji tells E-Wan there was a phone call/text message with a mushy saying.  E-Wan gets annoyed and says that was a private and for his eyes only while E-Soh leaves in a huff.

Kum-Ji goes to the library with E-Wan and E-Soh to use their computers when they are recognized by some fans.  E-Wan happens to notice them and rushes E-Soh and Kum-Ji but not before their picture is taken.  Thankfully E-Wan covers up Kum-Ji's face so it won't make it a problem when the picture is published online.  They manage to escape and Kum-Ji finally confesses to herself that she's in love with E-Wan but she's not happy about it.

Wow this issue had tons of action and romance with bits of jealousy.  The artwork is beautifully illustrated as usual.  I highly recommend this manhwa if you enjoy love triangles with a klutzy heroine and two hot guys after her.


Thanks Hachette Book Group Canada/Yen Press for sending me this manhwa to review, greatly appreciated!

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Bo said...

I absolutely love this series! It has been sooo long since vol 7 came out, though, that I was despairing of the series every being so many otehrs I started. I was so excited when I found that the final volume was going to be released. I'm going to have to read back through vols 1 - 7, though, just to refresh as it has been so long.
Tammy @

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