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Manga Review: Durarara!!, Vol. 3 [Paperback]

I've finished "Durarara Vol. 3" by Ryohgo Narita.

Product Description

At the invitation of an old school friend, introverted high school student Mikado Ryuugamine, yearning for a life less ordinary, makes his way to Tokyo. His destination: Ikebukuro, a hotbed of madmen living out their most unusual lives. On his first day there, Mikado encounters a cast of characters so colorful, the rich hues of his rural hometown pale in comparison! As if the naïve stalker chick, the high school senior obsessed with the rather creepy object of his affections, the hikikomori genius doctor, the hedonistic information dealer, the strongest man in all of Ikebukuro weren't enough ... Mikado also chances upon a sight that leaves him rubbing his eyes and scratching his head - the Black Biker, who from bodysuit to license plate is black as night, soundlessly weaving through the streets like a figure out of an urban legend. Who is this "Headless Rider" on the jet-black metal and rubber steed!? And why does it seem like Mikado's already gotten himself neck- deep into the insanity that's the norm in his new home!?

Product Details
Paperback: 176 pages
Publisher: Yen Press; Import edition (July 24, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0316209325
ISBN-13: 978-0316209328

My Review:


In this volume Celty is on the hunt for her head when she suddenly spots her head.  It happens to be attached to a girl and you can see the scars from the operation.  Celty goes to talk to the girl when she suddenly starts screaming and running away.  Suddenly a guy comes and starts yelling at Celty and telling her to leave his girl alone.  The girl starts running away and Celty is yelling at her to wait but she doesn't listen.  Celty pursues the girl when suddenly another guy arrives and helps the girl get away.

Celty resumes her hunt for her head when Shizuo arrives asking her why Izaya is in town?  During his conversation with Celty we learn a little of his past.  Celty goes home and has a conversation with Shinra about her head.  Interesting conversation!

We find out that Namie who is the Chief of Yagiri Pharmaceuticals has been kidnapping people for unknown experiments.  She has feelings for her brother Seiji and will kill anyone that gets in her brother's way.  She has ordered her people to get back Celty's head and bring it back to her.

Meanwhile Mikado is going home from school when he encounters Izaya and Celty.  He is wondering why they are both looking for him.  He decides he must ditch them when he notices his classmates watching.  Both Izaya and Celty follow him and he decides he will talk to them.  He asks Celty a question, "why was she after the girl?"  Celty informs him that she is on the hunt for her head which happens to be attached the girl.   Then they get into a discussion where they introduce each other and we learn a little bit more about Celty past.

Izaya is waiting for them when he gets impatient and asks them if they are done and they say no.  He says he can wait so more.  Mikado tells Celty he will go to his apartment and talk to the girl so she won't be frightened.  It's been more than 10 minutes and Celty is getting worried so she and Izaya head up to the apartment.  Meanwhile we see a couple of guys have Mikado on the ground and holding him down.  They are asking him where the girl is and he says he doesn't know.  Both guys hear that people are arriving so they storm out of the door hitting Celty on the way.  Celty is about to give chase when Izaya tells her he recognizes the truck from Yagiri Pharmaceuticals.

Mikado starts researching Yagiri Pharmaceuticals and finds out everything started with Celty's head.  Mikado phones Namie to meet up and talk.  When she arrives she goes berserk and starts yelling she would do anything to make sure no one gets in her brother's way.  Then we notice a whole group of people are behind her and she asks who all these people are.  Mikado says they are part of his Dollars Gang.

The volume ends!


Thanks Hachette Book Group Canada/Yen Press for sending me this manga to review, greatly appreciated!

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Cindy said...

I am glad you're enjoying this one so far. It definitely sounds interesting!

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