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Manga Review: The Betrayal Knows My Name, Vol. 4 [Paperback]

I've finished "The Betrayal Knows My Name Vol. 4" by Hotaru Odagiri.

Product Description

In their war with the Duras, the Zweilt rely almost entirely on the power of the bonds between them and their allies. But with each battle and every passing reincarnation, is there not the danger of cracks developing in the glue that holds these warriors together? When a tense, unexpected battle with an Opast general is cut short, one pair is forced to reconsider their disparate oaths of vengeance and what seeking revenge truly means. And before another battle can get underway, the final Zweilt pair joins the fray at Twilight Hall. But while Yuki seemingly becomes fast friends with one half of this new team, the heart of the other seems vaguely unreachable, clouded by memories of the past ...

Product Details
Paperback: 352 pages
Publisher: Yen Press (August 21, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0316216151
ISBN-13: 978-0316216159

My Review:

I highly recommend this series if you like great characterization, high octave tense fight scenes and true friendships.

This manga series has the best covers I have seen and it comes with the original glossy colorful pictures from the Japanese version.

In this volume Yuki is still recovering from the shock of finding out that Kanata-san is really Reiga Giou.  He can't seem to get over the words Reiga said to him in the last volume.  He's not Kanata and he doesn't go by that name anymore he's Reiga.  As Reiga retreats Yuki falls apart and faints.

Everyone is worried about Yuki especially Luka and comes to check on him often.  We see Kuroto and Senshirou talking about Yuki and Cadenza that they swore revenge on.  Yuki wakes up with and talks to Kuroto and Senshirou and tells them he wants them to live on.

Meanwhile Luka is fighting Elegy and she seems to be losing the battle.  She has a secret weapon though and makes a holograph of past Yuki and threatens her.   Luka hesitates and that seems like his downfall when there appears the present Yuki and points a finger to a butterfly.  Luka realizes this is Elegy's true form and throws a ball of energy at it.  Elegy is seriously hurt and manages to crawl away.  Present Yuki tells Luka that she is part of his memory of past Yuki and Luka tells her he still loves her.  She disappears.

The next day Yuki goes out with Kuroto and Senshirou when he sees the rest of the Zwelts who have come to see him.  Yuki is surprised but happy to see all of them (they were all worried about him).  Yuki, Kuroto and Senshirou go for a walk when Yuki is approached by a strange man in a suit and hat.  Kuroto and Senshirou warn Yuki to get away from the man when Kuroto recognizes the man's voice.  It's Cadenza! Senshirou welds his weapon and Cadenza taunts Kuroto that death scythe welder must be his new partner.  Then there is a very tense and interesting fight scene with Cadenza seeming to be the victor.  Yuki tired and scared of losing his friends and allies uses his God of Light to weld a protective shield around them.  Cadenza uses magic and is about break through the shield when see Reiga appear.

Reiga isn't too happy with Cadenza and says to him he didn't order him to do this.  Cadenza isn't happy and disobeys Reiga who bonds him with chains.  Cadenza breaks free and they start fighting and it looks like Cadenza is going to win when Luka appears.  Cadenza challenges Luka to a fight when another player enters the field it's Luze Luka's younger twin brother.  Cadenza stands down because he doesn't believe he would win against Luka and Luze together.  Reiga retreats and leaves.

We met the last two Zwelts Sairi Kamiki a movie star and Lia Otonashi a singer who have finally come home to Japan.  We find out that Sairi and Necromancer Shinmei Masamune are cousins and that Luka and Sairi don't seem to like each other.

Sairi and Lia are keeping a secret about the last fight which left Lia's previous partner dead, who happens to be her brother.  It seems like it involves Yuki somehow but he has lost his memories of his past life.


Thanks Hachette Book Group Canada/Yen Press for sending me this manga to review, greatly appreciated!

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