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Manhwa Review: Chocolat Volume 3 (Chocolat (Yen)) (v. 3) [Paperback]

I've finished "Chocolat Vol. 3" by Shin Ji-Sang and Geo.

Product Description

Kum-Ji just wants to get close to her idol, DDL. Unfortunately, her plan quickly backfires because it was exposed by Yo-I, their rival. Kum-Ji finally decides to resign from her official position in Yo-I's fan club. But before she is able to do so, E-Soh of Yo-I confesses that he has a crush on her. On top of that, even E-Wan of Yo-I also shows interest in her. What is she going to do now?

About the Author

JiSang Shin and Geo are the creative team behind a number of popular manhwa titles, including Very! Very!
Sweet, Chocolat, Rolling, and Sad Love Story.

Product Details
Paperback: 200 pages
Publisher: Ice Kunion (August 2, 2006)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 8952744802
ISBN-13: 978-8952744807

My Review:

In this volume Barbie sets up Kum-Ji to get beat up and her friends come to rescue her.  Unfortunately they all get beaten up and Kum-Ji has to go to the hospital with a head injury.  She got punched in the face and hit a wall.

Meanhile Yo-I are just about to go on stage for a concernt when E-Wan needs to go to bathroom.  E-Soh quickly looks for Kum-Ji's phone among E-Wan's clothes but doesn't find it.  E-Wan comes behind him and show's him Kum-Ji's phone while asking him, "were you looking for this?"  Then they have a conversation about E-Wan bringing the phone onstage and that Yo-I's image is their clothes.  E-Wan reminds E-Soh that he should worry about his own image.

After the concert is over E-Wan is checking out Kum-Ji's phone and commenting that no messages were received today.  When all of a sudden there is a ping and her reads it.  He starts running and yelling for Kum-Ji's aunt to read this message on Kum-Ji's phone.  She asks him why he has Kum-Ji's phone but he tells her to just read this message and what it means.  Pretty Boy has sent a message asking Kum-Ji she got to the hospital since she got hit pretty hard.  Her aunt calls the hospital and finds out that Kum-Ji has a head injury and she is fine.  Her and E-Soh go to the hospital when E-Wan asks E-Soh to give Kum-Ji back her phone.  When E-Soh visits Kum-Ji at the hospital he hugs her and tells her he's glad she's fine.

The next day Yo-I have just finished having their photos taken when E-Wan asks E-Soh, "how she is?"  E-Soh asks, "her?"  E-Wan replies, "her."  E-Soh says, "Kum-Ji? She's fine but she won't say what happened".  E-Wan replies back, "I'm glad she's okay."  Then E-Soh starts asking why are you so interested in Kum-Ji for ex:  carrying her phone around, etc.  E-Wan replies back, "one of our fans got hurt and I wanted to know how they are?"  E-Soh tells E-Wan he better not fall for Kum-Ji and E-Wan asks him why are you afraid?" 

I will update some more later on tonight, so please check back, thanks!


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MissKimberlyStardust said...

Great review! I'm going to have to try this series out :)
-Kimberly @ Turning the Pages

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