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Manhwa Review: Chocolat, Vol. 8 [Paperback]

I've finished "Chocolat Vol. 8" by Ji-Sang Shin and Geo.

Product Description

Kum-Ji takes pity on E-Soh and tells him where her heart truly lies. But speaking candidly with E-Soh doesn't automatically give her an opening to grow closer to E-Wan. Just when she decides that it's time for her to stop clinging to her fantasies and come back to reality, the band gets in a terrible accident. Some of the members are hurt badly, and there are fears that the band may not be able to carry on . . . Kum-Ji wants desperately to help her friends, but what can one girl do?! Find out in the long awaited conclusion of Chocolat!

About the Author

JiSang Shin and Geo are the creative team behind a number of popular manhwa titles, including Very! Very! Sweet, Chocolat, Rolling, and Sad Love Story.

Product Details
Paperback: 512 pages
Publisher: Yen Press (December 11, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0316229091
ISBN-13: 978-0316229098

My Review:

Vol. 8 is an Omnibus which consists of Vols. 8, 9 and 10 in one manhwa.

Vol. 8

Kum-Ji's aunt gets married and everyone attends their wedding.  She also has a baby (he's very cute) and uses Kum-Ji as babysitter.

E-Wan becomes a model and shoots some pictures with Barbie (he makes a nice amount of money).

Wu-Hee wants to quit Yo-I because she thinks it's no longer fun but management convinces her to wait until the next album is recorded.

E-Soh bullys Wu-Hee and prevents her from quitting when she want too.

Yo-I get into a bad accident and Wu-Hee and E-Soh are hurt badly (Wu-Hee goes home to recover and E-Soh quits the band)

Kum-Ji visits E-Soh but he kicks her out (he starts spazzing out).

Vol. 9

Kum-Ji gets to see E-Wan again when he takes her to Jin's house to ask her if he should take a part in movie (though he will have to walk around naked, etc.)  She tells him if he doesn't feel comfortable then he shouldn't play the part.  He heard that she went to see E-Soh and asks how he is.

E-Wan and Barbie have a conversation and she is wondering why he refused the movie role.  He refuses to talk to her so she resorts to calling Eun-Sung on his cell phone to get E-Wan to talk to her.

E-Wan convinces Kum-Ji to help him find Wu-Hee's place (he GPS/direction prone).  They have a nice conversation with Wu-Hee and stay overnight.  E-Wan and Kum-Ji check out the stars but they are looking at each other.  The next morning they are forced to stay overnight again because of the heavy snow.

Kum-Ji confesses she like E-Soh but E-Wan was the one she wanted to sleep with (he becomes embarassed)

Wu-Hee embarasses Kum-Ji when she yells out to E-Wan that Kum-Ji's happy to stuck in the snow with him.  You can see him blushing in the chair while on his cell phone.

Kum-Ji is flustered that she goes outside and starts shoveling (not doing a good job) and E-Wan and Wu-Hee help her.  After Wu-Hee goes inside to make tea for all of them while E-Wan and Kum-Ji build a snow fort to rest.  Kum-Ji and E-Wan are lying close together when she falls asleep when he suddenly kisses her.  She punches him and they have a conversation where she accuses him of wanting to do stuff to her.  He admits he likes her and he wanted to do it so he did.

Wu-Hee visits E-Soh and convinces him to rejoin Yo-I.   E-Soh believes everyone abandoned him and he's scared of riding the bus.

Vol. 10

E-Soh rejoins Yo-I and is taking psychical therapy (he's in alot of pain since he rode his bike from where he lived).

E-Wan sent a castle he built and a journal to Kum-Ji by courier which she has to pay for.  She calls him on his cell but he doesn't pick up (he's driving) and she's getting upset.  She walks into a sign which E-Wan witnesses and they go to a park to talk.  They have a serious conversation and he convinces her he likes her.  They are now a couple.

E-Wan informs E-Soh that he is dating Kum-Ji and they have a serious conversation about why both fell for her and why E-Wan would be attracted to her.

Eun-Sung gets after E-Wan about him telling E-Soh that he is dating Kum-Ji.  E-Wan said it was considerate of him instead of him finding out later.  Eun-Sung comments that both E-Soh and E-Wan are love sick.

E-Wan has a serious conversation with Barbie and finally convinces her why they wouldn't work.  She has a very successful modeling career.

Jin quit DDL and is striking out on his own.  He makes a video with a song he wrote to his fans.

Wu-Hee is teaching kids about plants, etc.

Kum-Ji and E-Soh go to the same university.  She is also E-Wan's personal manager.

E-Wan has a very successful solo career.


Thanks Hachette Book Group Canada/Yen Press for sending me this manhwa to review, greatly appreciated!

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8. Chocolat Vol. 8

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