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Historical Review: A Touch of Scandal [Mass Market Paperback]

I've finished "A Touch of Scandal" the 2nd book in her

Product Description

The last thing Garrett, Duke of Calton, expects to find while tracking his sworn enemy is the delectable, mysterious Kate. This beautiful servant girl rouses a longing the battle-scarred ex-soldier had never hoped to feel again. But when she turns out to be the sister of the man he seeks, he's convinced he's been betrayed.

Kate knows her duty to her family, yet how can she ignore Garrett's powerful pull on her heart? Or the heady temptation of his stolen - and sizzling kisses? Scandal has followed the duke since the war. Now the greatest shock of all is on its way-the one that can separate Garrett and Kate forever.

Product Details
Mass Market Paperback: 432 pages
Publisher: Forever; 1 edition (April 1, 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0446540277
ISBN-13: 978-0446540278

My Review:

Katherine Fisk the heroine has been spying on man bathing in a pond near her home.  Garret finally catches her gaping at him and she knows he's the one for her.  Their conversation is short but she is to meet him again tomorrow.

Garrett is the Duke of Calton and is determined to bring his sister back from the evil clutches of her husband.  Unknown to him he doesn't realize that Kate is the younger sister of his nemesis.

After two days Kate is certain she wants to give herself to Garrett without knowing much about him like his martial status.

Then Garrett is captured by William Kate's demented older brother and Garrett is uncertain if Kate is involved or not.   Kate isn't loved like her older brother, her mom is quite vocal who she favors and she is a surrogate mother to her younger brother.  Kate is also a servant in her brother's house and doesn't inform her sister-in-law of their status.

Kate is conflicted with her feeling regarding her family loyalties and her feelings about not being loved by her mother.  Garrett struggles with his guilt for hurting Kate's family and his feelings for her.

I really liked how the hero and heroine demonstrated their compassion and love for one another.  The villlain was truly demented and evil beyond belief.


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