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Manhwa Review: 13th Boy, Vol. 2 (v. 2) [Paperback]

I've finished "13th Boy Vol. 2" by SangEun Lee.

Product Description

Hee-So joins the Girl Scouts to be closer to Won-Jun after he dumped her. But it's Whie-Young who helps her when she's in trouble. The love triangle twists into a weird quadrangular relationship when it comes out that Sae-Bom likes Whie-Young!

About the Author

SangEun Lee is also the creator of the manhwa series Forget About Love and Love or Money.

Product Details
Reading level: Ages 14 and up
Paperback: 192 pages
Publisher: Yen Press (October 27, 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0759529957
ISBN-13: 978-0759529953

My Review:

Hee-So is quite devastated with the breakup with Won-Jun that she doesn't want anyone to know about it.  She goes to great lengths to win him back.

We also find out that Beatrice the walking and uncouth talking cactus turns into a full grown boy whenever the full moon is up.  Hee-So also wants to make sure no one knows about Beatrice and makes sure he stays locked up in her room.

Hee-So has had 12 boyfriends at the tender age of 15 and started around 7 years old.  Whie-Young is interested in her but she doesn't take notice because she's too busy trying to win back Won-Jun.  We are introduced to Sae-Bom the 4th person in the 8 year long running love triangle who's into Whie-Young.

Won-Yun isn't the nicest kind of guy when he lets Whie-Young know that he likes Hee-So.  He admits he accepted Hee-So's proposition even though it was annoying and embarrassing because he knew she was special to Whie-Young.  He did it for revenge because 8 years ago the girl he liked chose Whie-Young and now the one Whie-Young likes is so into him.

We learn the more Whie-Young uses his powers it shortens his life but he's determined to protect Hee-So even though she gets into dangerous situations since he met her.

The girl scout group are very petty, ugly (I don't mean in looks but personality) - since they like to bully Sae-Bom since they think she is a freak and all the guys seem to like her and want to help her.  They like to trip her and throw her bunny Toe-Toe into a tree so she would fall into a hole in the woods.


Thanks Hachette Book Group Canada/Yen Press for sending me this manhwa to review, greatly appreciated!

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