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Manga Review: Otomen, Vol. 13 [Paperback]

I've finished "Otomen Vol. 13" by Aya Kanno.

Product Description

Reads R to L (Japanese Style), for audiences rated teen.
Asuka Masamune is a guy who loves girly things -- sewing, knitting, making cute stuffed animals and reading shojo comics. But in a world where boys are expected to act manly, Asuka must hide his beloved hobbies and play the part of a masculine jock instead. Can Asuka ever show his true self to anyone, much less to Ryo Miyakozuka, the girl that he's falling for?

Ryo ends up coaching a high school judo team, but women aren’t allowed at that school! She finds a way around this obstacle, but the real challenge comes when she finds herself facing off against ... Asuka?

About the Author

Aya Kanno was born in Tokyo, Japan. She is the creator of Soul Rescue, which has been published in the United States, and her latest work, Otomen, is currently being serialized in Japan's BetsuHana magazine. Blank Slate was originally published as Akusaga in Japan, also in BetsuHana.

Product Details
Paperback: 192 pages
Publisher: VIZ Media LLC; Original edition (September 4, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 142154265X
ISBN-13: 978-1421542652

My Review:

One day Ryo accidentally hurts the coach/captain of a rival high school judo team and she is asked to help to coach them.    It happens to be an all-boy school so she has to pretend to be a boy because when she first arrived there they threw her out and yelled at her for being a girl.  Asuka is worried because Ryo has been busy everyday and hasn't told him the real reason.  Juta is worried about Asuka and Ryo's relationship because his manga is based on their life and he has no idea what should happen next.  He also sees Ryo going to home but mistakes her for a boy since she is wearing a wig and has a boy's outfit on.

We also see the rival coach/captain developing feelings for Ryo (it seems like he liked her even when she was dressed as a boy) and he's confused until he realizes it's the girl who hurt him.  We learn how he bullied his team but he really does care for them and how they want to win to show how much they admire him.

When Juta and Asuka follow Ryo disguised as a boy going to her home Asuka knows it's Ryo from the back.  He also realizes he will have to fight her in the big tournament coming up which causes him to worry.

Ryo starts worrying about her relationship with Asuka and we see her thoughts and feelings.  She is working Christmas Eve and she's late for her date with Asuka.  He falls asleep and she covers him with a blanket and admits she loves him.

We also see a chapter were the guys bake a cake and the chef suggests they give it a girl.  Kitora (flower guy) gives it to Kuriko and Tonomine (make up guy) gives his to a faceless girl while doing her make up.

Asuka's cake gets crushed accidentally and he decides to make her another one.  He makes her a edible ring made of a chocolate rose after seeing a wedding gown in a window.

Thanks Simon and Schuster Canada for sending me this manga to review, greatly appreciated!

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