Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Manga Review: Voice Over!: Seiyu Academy, Vol. 1 Paperback

I've finished "Voice Over Seiyu Academy Vol. 1" by Maki Minami.

A new series by the author of the best-selling S•A!

Hime Kino’s dream is to one day do voice acting like her hero Sakura Aoyama from the Lovely Blazer anime, and getting accepted to the prestigious Holly Academy’s voice actor department is the first step in the right direction! But Hime’s gruff voice has earned her the scorn of teachers and students alike. Hime will not let that stand unchallenged. She’ll show everyone that she is too a voice acting princess, whether they like it or not!

To make matters worse, Sakura’s grouchy son, Senri, is in Hime’s class, and he seems determined to stomp on her dreams. He even has the nerve to call Lovely Blazer stupid! But Hime won’t be deterred by naysayers, her new nickname (“Gorilla Princess”), or even getting demoted to the Stragglers group. She’s ready to shine, and nothing is going to stand in her way!

Reads R to L (Japanese Style) for teen audiences.

About the Author

Maki Minami is from Saitama Prefecture in Japan. She debuted in 2001 with Kanata no Ao (Faraway Blue). Her other works include Kimi wa Girlfriend (You're My Girlfriend), Mainichi ga Takaramono (Every Day Is a Treasure) and Yuki Atataka (Warm Winter). S•A was serialized in Japan's Hana to Yume magazine and made into an anime in 2008.

Product Details
Series: Voice Over! (Book 1)
Paperback: 208 pages
Publisher: VIZ Media LLC (October 1, 2013)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1421559706
ISBN-13: 978-1421559704

My Review:

Hime Kimo's dream is to become a voice actor just like her idol Sakura Aoyama from the Lovely Blazer anime.   She is determined to get voice acting for cute girl voices but she has rough and gravelly voice.

She is thrown into the Stragglers Group with three others - one who is too violent and can't read Kanji, one who has an accent and is flirt and the other who is shy and too quiet people can't hear her.  When they have a competition with the second years to see who has a better show of Snow White Hime takes over the role of the prince which attracts attention from Senri Sakura's son, producer and
a popular idol.

All the secondary characters are quite likeable and have their own personalities.  Glad to see this manga deals with character development and how positive Hime deals with each situation that comes up.


Thanks Simon and Schuster Canada for sending me this manga to review, greatly appreciated!

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