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Gordon Kessler Brainstom Blog Tour with Guest Post


I am so excited to host Gordon Kessler in a guest post here at Paranormal and Romantic Suspense Reviews.
Gordon is currently touring to promote his new book Brainstorm.

Thanks so much Goddess Fish Promotions and Gordon Kessler for connecting me on this blog tour!

Please take it away Gordon!

Thanks to Paranormal and Romantic Suspense Reviews for inviting me to the blog!

I'm very excited about this opportunity to talk about my latest thriller Brainstorm. It was a blast to research and write. The groundwork was really eye-opening: researching the latest in cutting-edge weaponry, defensive measures and nonlethal weapons. I had to dig deep into the various government black projects, top secret and mostly unheard of until recent years. They did incredible and sometimes horrible things back then—still they had some convincing success. There were other secrets I investigated, as well, but I can't talk about those to anyone who hasn't read the book — I'd give too much away.

For this blog, I thought it'd be interesting to ask a character from one of my other thrillers, Jezebel, to interview the protagonist from Brainstorm. The interviewer's name is Henry Haskins — he's a TV reporter for Channel Two News ... and a jerk.

Haskins: Oh, yeah, thanks a lot! You brought me into this world, you can take me out, right? Well screw you. I'll conduct the interview, but only because some of these bloggers might decide to read the book and find out what a great guy I really am.

So, for my first interview, I'm speaking with Daniel McMaster. He's a former Recon Marine and was once involved in the Defense Intelligence Agency's Thousand Eyes Project as a remote viewer. Thousand Eyes, of course we know, is the novel's depiction of a sort of descendant of those CIA, DoD and DIA clandestine projects like Stargate, MK Ultra, Grill Flame, Center Lane, INSCOM and SCANATE. All top secret stuff — all very spooky and dark, and weird. They were into mind-altering drugs, brain stem implants — Ouija board stuff and other hocus pocus nonsense.

McMaster: If you only knew.

Haskins: Uh-huh. Well, regardless; you're married to Sunny McMaster, your Stanford College sweetheart, you have a daughter named Lily, a German Shepherd named Sarge, a sailing yacht and a very successful business developing nonlethal weapons. You're what this story is all about, right?

McMaster: Well, I'm in the story, and there are people trying to rescue me, but I'm not going to say it's what the story is about. Brainstorm is really about sacrifice, honor and friendship.

Haskins: Oh, come on now, McMaster, that's idealistic, soppy BS. This is a thriller we're talking about. There isn't any room for that mushy crap.

McMaster: All right, how about bravery, determination, overcoming daunting obstacles, survival and true love?

Haskins: Now we're getting somewhere — hot sex, that's a different story altogether. Which brings to mind your wife, Sunny. Now she's one hot honey muffin. What's it like with her in the bedroom—a real wildcat in the sack, I'll bet...

McMaster: One more disrespectful word about Sunny, Haskins, and this interview is over.

Haskins: No, you've got it wrong. I'm doing the interview — I'll say when it's over.

McMaster: And how would you propose to say it's over with your jaw broken?

Haskins: All right, all right, bad ass ... then tell me about this Robert Weller guy. Chapter one starts off with him — as a matter of fact, he seems to play as big, if not bigger, role than you.

McMaster: He's very important — the entire plot revolves around him. But I'm pretty sure he doesn't like me. Other than that, I really don't know much more about him.

Haskins: Much more than that he had an affair with your wife, Sunny, is that right — Whoa, wait a minute ... sit back down! Don't hit me ....

McMaster: Haskins, there's only one reason I'm going to give you another chance, and that's for Brainstorm. It's a project — er, a novel I truly believe in. And I care for the other characters, care deeply. Something you've probably never experienced before.

Haskins: Okay, the interview means a lot to me, too. Let's move on. Weller was a member of Thousand Eyes at the same time you were, correct?

McMaster: I cannot confirm or deny that.

Haskins: Well then, what can you tell me about Major Lionel Jackson — I believe you call him "Jax". He's a PJ — a member of Air Force Para Rescue?

McMaster: That's right. He's my best friend, has been for years. We met during a covert operation — he was badly injured trying to rescue me.

Haskins: So the rescuee became the rescuer? And you carried another friend out of harm's way that day, too. A man you call "The Gunny"? From what I heard, you should have gotten the Medal of Honor for what you did, yet....

McMaster: Like I said, it was a covert mission — I didn't want any kind of recognition for what I did, anyway. Either of those men would have done the same for me. I was the lucky one.

Haskins: So Jax was the best man at your wedding. Let's see ... he's half African American and half Hawaiian, and he married a Native American named Moonfeather. Wow, what a mixture.

McMaster: It's a great mix. They're the best, most caring people I know.

Haskins: You mean were? Moonfeather died in a SCUBA diving accident. You don't believe that crap about Jax still having some kind of conversations with her, do you?

McMaster: You shouldn't automatically doubt something you don't understand or know anything about, Mr. Haskins. I'd believe anything Jax told me.

Haskins: And now he's had to mount an unauthorized rescue mission to rescue you because you're best friends. He's putting his entire career, not to mention a couple of dozen lives — including your own wife's life — at risk because of an old debt he owes ....

McMaster: You're wrong. If it were just me, Jax wouldn't put others in danger. Sure, he might sacrifice himself, but no one else. There's much more to it than that — an entire town ... and others. Not only that, but there's a terrible plot going on that endangers the Free World and....

Haskins: Yes, please go on.

McMaster: I've said too much already.

Haskins: Okay, then. I'll drop that subject, but you gotta let me ask more about your wife — easy now. I'll be respectful as long as you can be civil.

McMaster: Go ahead. But I'm warning you, tread very lightly.

Haskins: All right, then. So Sunny was a gymnast, is that right?

McMaster: Yes, she made the US Olympic Team.

Haskins: Then she met you and gave it up?

McMaster: No, she had an accident before we met. Hurt her knee. It doesn't bother her now, unless she overdoes it.

Haskins: But I'll bet she's really flexible and ....Wait, settle down — Ah!

McMaster: ... I'm sorry, folks. You'll have to forgive Mr. Haskins. It seems he got tangled up in his microphone cord and fell down. I believe the poor man's broken his jaw. I'll have to conclude this interview for him.

Anyway, please drop in on Brainstorm. It's a guaranteed thrill ride!

You can find Gordon on his website.
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Gordon Kessler said...

Hey, folks, please check out the brand new book trailer on YouTube for BRAINSTORM! It's at: (the eBook version is on sale for $.99)

Na said...

I really enjoy character interviews but to meet an interviewer who is a jerk is a new one. I found it refreshing and very real. These interviews bring the characters to life and I get a better understanding of them. When I read fiction I don't consider the characters and their world as fiction at all, they are the real thing. I can definitely appreciate all the research and perosnal experiences that went into creating the story's world. Thank you for the interview.

Laurie said...

What a fantastic interview. LOVED IT!! Can't wait to read Brainstorm and I'll certainly be tagging along on your tour, too! Oh! No need to enter me in the contest, I'm already a techy freak and own a couple of Kindles and a Kobo. :)
Laurie's Thoughts & Reviews

Denise said...

Gordo!!! Loved this "interview" method. Now I've got to buy Jezebel and see someone else slap Haskins around. Thanks for the good info today and good luck on the tour.

Gary said...


Great interview. Brainstorm sounds like an exciting read. Can't wait to download it.

Darryl said...

Funny "interview" indeed. Thanks for the laugh.

fb-prsr *at* darryl *dot* com

We Fancy Books said...

love this interview! thanks for sharing!

wefancybooks AT gmail DOT com

IdentitySeeker said...

Great and entertaining interview. I'm loving the blog tour so far:)


Lovely said...

that truly made me laugh lol

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