Monday, September 30, 2013

Manga Review: Kitchen Princess Omnibus 4 (Paperback)

I've finished "Kitchen Princess Omnibus Vol. 4" by Miyuki Kobayashi.

Najika faces enormous challenges to her cooking skills as she engages in a cook-off to save her orphanage. And in a final test of her culinary artistry, she heads to Paris for a major cooking competition. Meanwhile, Najika finally discovers the identity of her Flan Prince! What will become of her feelings for Daichi and Seiya? It all gets settled in this final volume!

This omnibus contains volumes 8, 9, and 10 of Kitchen Princess, and special extras after the story!


Product Details
Series: Kitchen Princess Omnibus (Book 4)
Paperback: 576 pages
Publisher: Kodansha Comics (June 18, 2013)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1612620655
ISBN-13: 978-1612620657

My Review:


Najika’s world is falling apart. Lavender House, the orphanage where she grew up, is being shut down, and there’s only one way she can save it. When Najika is challenged to a High Tea cook-off against Seiya, her nemesis, the scheming director of Seika Academy makes Najika an offer: lose the contest on purpose, and he’ll save Lavender House from ruin. Will Najika throw the fight – or will her true self shine through?

Vol. 9 - A Prince Revealed

Najika finally discovers the true identity of her Flan Prince! But will that change her feelings for Daichi and Seiya? Who will be Najika’s true love? And what terrible secret has Daichi himself just stumbled upon?

Includes special extras – plus recipes – after the story!


Najika heads to Paris for a major cooking competition, while things with Daichi fall apart and personal tragedy strikes again. Will Seiya pick up the pieces? And will Najika stay true to Daichi?

This is the final volume of Kitchen Princess.

Includes special extras – plus recipes – after the story!

Vol. 8 was very emotion because Najika has a difficult choice to make because she finds out that Lavender House is being closed down.  The Director orders Najika to lose to Seiya in exchange for the deal for Lavender House to not go through.

I really felt for Najika because she really cares for her foster mom and foster siblings and she doesn't feel right about not doing her best.


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