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Amanda Scott's Temptress Blog Tour with Fun Facts and Giveaway

I am so excited to have Amanda Scott here at Paranormal and Romantic Suspense Reviews with Fun Facts and a Giveaway.

Thanks Amanda and Hachette Book Group for allowing me to join your Temptress Blog Tour!

Please take it away, Amanda!

A RAKE’S MIDNIGHT KISS by Anna Campbell:

1. The Regency is an era that has a lot in common with our own, which is one of the reasons I think people love to read about it. It was celebrity and fashion obsessed and the papers used to report on the doings of famous people in great detail. My handsome hero, arbiter of fashion and manners Sir Richard Harmsworth, would have been a regular visitor to the cover of ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY or those lists of 10 sexiest men. I suspect he might even have had a spot as a judge on AMERICA’S TOP MODEL!

2. The plot of A RAKE’S MIDNIGHT KISS revolves around an 9th century family heirloom called the Harmsworth Jewel. This is based on a real artefact that’s in the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford (coincidentally the Ashmolean plays a part in the story too!) called the Alfred Jewel. Here’s the Wikipedia link: As you’ll see, it’s actually NOT a jewel as in a lump of rock but an exquisite enamel and gold creation that they currently think might have been used as a word pointer in Bible readings.


1. Lady Lachina “Lina” MacFarlan’s prophetic ability in The Knight’s Temptress is not Second Sight. The Sight is not a gift of prophecy. Few tales of its occurrence mention anything other than “seeing” a distant event at the time that it was taking place. After the Battle of Bannockburn, tales spread throughout the Highlands of people, nearly but not always women, who had “seen” kinsmen or close friends die in a great battle before hearing of Bannockburn. Other tales of strong intuitive powers often find themselves lumped in with tales of the Sight, and nowadays some depictions of the Sight include nearly every metaphysical “power” suggested or dreamed up by man. Lady Lina and her mother are Seers, which is different.

2. I sign books at Scottish games every year on the west coast from Seattle to Los Angeles and as far inland as Albuquerque, New Mexico, and Estes Park, Colorado. I love meeting fans and hearing their comments about my books. I learn a great deal from them. At one game, last year, a very dignified, older gentleman in a well-trimmed white beard and formal Scottish regalia, including, naturally, the kilt, strode up to the table where I was signing, shaking his finger at me and saying, “Ye’ve ruined me life!” I said, “And just how have I ruined your life?” He grinned and replied, “Ye’ve addicted me t’ Romance novels!”

3. An author collects resources the way a stamp-collector collects stamps. I have collected many over the years, so when I wanted to be sure that Lady Lachina, the heroine of The Knight’s Temptress, and a fine weaver, knew what she was doing, I called a friend that I’ve known most of my life who is also a fine weaver. But she is just one of the many. I’ll call anyone if I think that person has knowledge I need.

4. Writing frequently stirs old memories. This one has little to do with The Knight’s Temptress, although it nearly always comes to mind when I’m writing rainy scenes, such as the deluge that occurs in this book. You see, my son used to love to be barefoot, everywhere. He called it “going footie-foot.” When I found him in the backyard at about four years old — jacketless, hatless, and barefoot in a driving rain — inches deep in flowerbed muck, he grinned at me and said happily, “Footie-foot is fun in the rain, Mom. A worm slid right between my toes!”

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