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Susan Boyle's Death said the Gypsy Queen Blog Tour with a Spotlight and Guest Post


GUEST POST – Susan Boles – Death said the Gypsy Queen release

When we hear the word paranormal, we get visions of ghosts, vampires, werewolves. Witches.

But what about genetic anomalies that mimic paranormal phenomena? There’s a theory floating around out there – aren’t there always theories? – that early stories of vampires and werewolves were nothing more than an attempt to explain the unfortunate people born with these genetic anomalies.

In book one in the Lily Gayle Lambert cozy mystery series, Death of a Wolfman, we discover a murder victim with a genetic anomaly that makes him look like the traditional wolfman of movie magic. But, underneath, he’s just a regular guy. A dead one with a silver bullet in his heart.

In book three in the Lily Gayle Lambert mystery series, Death at the Midnight Dragonfly, we meet someone else who has a secret genetic anomaly. This time it mimics a vampire. He’s not dead and his secret is known only to two people. But what’s the old saying about a secret? It’s only safe if the others who know it are dead.

Dirty little secrets.

A small town.

That’s a combination ripe for an explosion. And maybe more murders.

In the newest Lily Gayle Lambert mystery, Death said the Gypsy Queen, we find Lily Gayle and Dixie meeting up with a mysterious fortune-teller on their way back to Mercy from a road trip to Oxford, MS.

Who is this woman and how does she know about the vampire blood she’s warning them about? Does it tie in somehow with the dead man they discover at the farmer’s market down the road? Or was there a more nefarious meaning behind the warning?

Join Lily Gayle, Dixie and Miss Edna as they struggle to solve the mysterious death and figure out how it ties into the ‘vampire blood’ before total destruction rains down at the Midnight Dragonfly sleep study.

Death said the Gypsy Queen: A Lily Gayle Lambert Mystery
Cozy Mystery
4th in Series
Argent Ocean Publishing
Number of Pages – 210
Not up on GoodReads yet

“Beware the sign of the vampire blood,” said the fortune teller. “It brings madness and turmoil.”

Lily Gayle knows what that means, but, for the life of her, can’t figure out how the fortune teller does. A quick road trip with Dixie. An unplanned stop at a roadside park. And, an hour later a dead body. Lily Gayle, Dixie and Miss Edna find themselves knee deep in another homicide investigation when the local vet assistant turns up dead behind an outbuilding at the farmers market.

Lily Gayle believes the words of the fortune teller will have a major impact on the investigation but can’t bring herself to tell the other ladies. To reveal what she believes the words mean might bring trouble to another old friend. And would betray a trust. Only Ben knows and he, as usual, advises Lily Gayle to stay out of his investigation – which she isn’t about to do.

When the secret is revealed, the townspeople go mad and the fortune tellers words come true. Can Lily Gayle, Dixie and Miss Edna solve the murder before more people are harmed?

About the Author

Susan is the award-winning author of the Lily Gayle Lambert Mystery Series and a contributing author to the Brotherhood Protectors World.

A lifelong long love of all things mysterious led Susan to write cozy mysteries. Nancy Drew and Trixie Belden were the first to show her that girls can be crime solvers. Agatha Christie showed her that even small towns have big secrets. And Phryne Fisher showed her lady detectives can be outrageously individual. She lives in Mississippi with her rescue mini dachshund, Lucy, and her rescue cat of no particular breed, Zimba. She currently writes the Lily Gayle Lambert mystery series set in the fictional town of Mercy, Mississippi featuring a multi-generational cast of female sleuths and romantic suspense in the Brotherhood Protectors Kindle World.

Susan writes mysteries and set in the big city of Memphis, TN and the fictional small town of Mercy, Mississippi.


Susan loves to hear from readers and book lovers! Visit her website at Or drop her a line at

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