Thursday, March 20, 2014

Anderson Harp's Retribution Blog Tour with an Excerpt

I am so excited to have Anderson Harp here at Paranormal and Romantic Suspense Reviews with an Excerpt.

Thanks Anderson and Meryl Moss Media Relations for allowing me to join your Retribution Blog Tour!


Retribution (Mass Market Paperback)

In the pitch-black cargo hole of the Pakistani airline freighter crossing the Atlantic, a wooden crate filled with levers for a weaving machine also had another object buried inside. If it makes it to its delivery point, an American city would become uninhabitable for a century. In this chilling thriller, Retribution is more than the story of a deep-cover mission to stop a terrorist with a core stolen from an Islamabad nuclear weapon. Here, the operative does much more to flush out the target than a hunt and chase. He becomes a carrier of a highly contagious strain of a deadly disease. In this oh so authentic story, author Andy Harp draws upon his experiences as a Marine who has served across the globe to create a uniquely real novel filled with breakneck thrills and plot twists. With action that flies from New York to London, from Peshawar deep into the mountains of the Hindu Kush, and from Islamabad to Chicago, Retribution weaves political conspiracy and a perilous, intelligence operation, hi-tech military technology and deadly current events, all with the crucible of a determined Jason Bourne like character in conflict with just as determined a killer, into a classic “mission” thriller that delivers the kind of nail-biting suspense, realism and a kicker surprise at the end that is in the style of Ludlum, and the best of Thor and Flynn. The story is engrossing, the hero is remarkable, and the personal cost he pays for both his survival and success changes the man.


“The pilot turned to the back, looked at the stacked bricks just behind her seat. Red wires led from a button on the yoke to the center of the block. It wasn’t the plastic explosive that mattered. At best, that would leave a small crater. It was what was in the center of the blocks that mattered. Death, she had long ago decided, would not be nearly so bad as her life. She tasted the salt of the tears as they rolled down her face and smiled.” –Anderson Harp’s Retribution

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