Saturday, May 18, 2013

PNR Review: Acheron (Dark-Hunter, Book 12) [Deckle Edge] [Hardcover]

I've finished "Acheron" the 12th book in her Dark Hunter series by Sherrilyn Kenyon.

Product Description

The most anticipated story in the blockbuster Dark-Hunter series. The never-before-revealed story of the Dark-Hunter leader, Acheron. He was made human in order to escape death, but in death he was reborn a god.

Eleven thousand years ago a god was born. Cursed into the body of a human, Acheron spent a lifetime of shame. However, his human death unleashed an unspeakable horror that almost destroyed the earth. Then, brought back against his will, Acheron became the sole defender of mankind.

Only it was never that simple. For centuries, he has fought for our survival and hidden a past he’ll do anything to keep concealed. Until a lone woman who refuses to be intimidated by him threatens his very existence.

Now his survival, and ours, hinges on hers and old enemies reawaken and unite to kill them both.

War has never been more deadly or more fun.

Product Details
Hardcover: 736 pages
Publisher: St. Martin's Press; First Edition edition (August 5, 2008)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0312362153
ISBN-13: 978-0312362157

My Review:

I have always had a soft heart for Ash the sexy and mysterious leader of the Dark Hunters.  I'm glad that he didn't end up with Artemis because she is a piece of work and I truly think she can't love anyone).

The first part was very heart retching to read because of all the abuse, mentally, psychically and sexual that Ash had to endure in his human life beginning at a young age.  I really felt for him!  Man to train at the age of seven to service both men and women in every aspect.  I'm really glad that Ash had his half-sister Ryssa and his nephew who loved him unconditionally.

The second part revolves around Ash and Artemis and their relationship.  This is where we learn about his brutal death and his rebirth as a Dark Hunter.  I found this part kind of sad too because Artemis wouldn't stand up to her brother Apollo about Acheron or defend him or protect him when Apollo went after him.

The third part deals with the present day and the romance between Ash and Tory (from the Dream Hunters).  I didn't feel any chemistry between Ash and Tory and I believe their relationship was too fast.  I'm happy that Ash has finally found his HEA but I don't think Tory was the one for him.

We get brief glimpses of Nick and Jaden and I can't wait to read their storylines.


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