Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Armchair BEA: Blogger Development and Genre Fiction

Today's topic is how we developed ourselves as a blogger?

I mostly review on my blog Paranormal and Romantic Suspense Reviews but I do rate/review on Goodreads too.

Since last year's BEA I have scheduled more blog tours with Goddess Fish and Pump Up Your Book Promotions and I have also accepted more book reviews from authors. 

In the future I want to change my blog template, add a drop down link bar, change my blog button and add more cookbook reviews.

The second topic is Genre Fiction which I love.

My favorite genres are paranormal, manga/manhwa/yaoi, mystery suspense and romantic suspense.

Some of my favorites from each genre are:


Emma said...

doing virtual book tours for sure helps your readership grow. I'm afraid I'm really not familiar at all with these genres. I read a lot of HF

Suey said...

When you are ready to fix up your blog, join us over at Bloggiesta for all sorts of ideas and fun!

Twilightangel17 said...

I'm a big J.R. Ward myself...the BDB guys are awesome...and hot ;)

Annette Mills said...

James Patterson's Alex Cross is a favorite series of mine! Nice to meet you!

West Virginia Red said...

I need to figure out the Blog tour thing.
And so many of your genre books are on my TBR pile.

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