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Allen Wolf's Your Pulling My Leg Blog Tour with a Spotlight, Guest Post and Q and A


I am so excited to have Allen Wolf here at Paranormal and Romantic Suspense Reviews with a Spotlight, Guest Post and Q and A.

Thanks Allen and PR by the Books for allowing me to join Your Pulling My Leg Blog Tour!

Please take it away, Allen! 

Games and Social Gatherings in the Age of Covid

You’re Pulling My Leg! and You’re Pulling My Leg! Junior have been adapted from the original board games into new incarnations for remote gameplay or family game nights.

Tell me about a talent you wish you had. What about a time when you wanted something you couldn’t have? Tell me about an animal you would be if you could.

It’s a game, inside a book, and it’s how we play in the time of Covid!

Based on the original board games, You’re Pulling My Leg! and You’re Pulling My Leg! Junior are new books from award-winning game creator Allen Wolf that make it possible to play with friends in these times of social distancing. In person, with family or friends, or over video chat, You’re Pulling My Leg! lets you test your bluffing skills with completely new questions that range from thought-provoking to zany.

You're Pulling My Leg! is a game of hilarious stories — whether they’re true or not is up to the flip of the coin. Players who succeed at fooling their friends win points, while others gain points for correctly guessing if a story is true or false. You’ll be surprised how much you learn about other players or your family in a short amount of time.

Talking Points

You’re Pulling My Leg! was originally created as a gift for two friends who were dating. They eventually got married, and You’re Pulling My Leg! was turned into a card game to help more people build strong relationships with others.

This game has received multiple accolades, including the iParenting Media Award, The National Parenting Center Seal Of Approval, and Creative Child Magazine’s Toy of the Year Award.

With the holiday season right around the corner, the books make a great gift for people and children of all ages.

Since a lot of schools are starting out the year remotely, You’re Pulling My Leg! Junior provides ice breaker questions to help classmates get to know each other.

In current times of isolation and social distancing, it’s important to stay connected with loved ones. These book adaptations of You’re Pulling My Leg! and You’re Pulling My Leg! Junior make it possible to play with friends online or in person.

Due to the pandemic, people are dating over Zoom and other online platforms. You’re Pulling My Leg! allows singles and couples the chance to get to know each other quickly with questions they might not have thought to ask.

Now that people are going on more road trips, the books provide endless hours of entertainment while in the car.

During the upcoming holidays, people can play this game to have engaging conversations.



About the Author

Allen Wolf is an award-winning author, filmmaker, and game creator. His company, Morning Star Games, also publishes Slap Wacky!, JabberJot, and Pet Detectives as well. Allen has won 39 awards for his games, which have been played by hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

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Book Details

Toys and Games

Release Date: August 2020

YPML ISBN: 978-1-952844-00-3

Junior ISBN: 978-1-952844-03-4

Paperback: 176 pages

Publisher: Morning Star Publishing


Twitter: @MorningStarGame

Facebook: @morningstargames

Instagram: @playmorningstargames

Author Website:

Twitter: @theallenwolf

Facebook: @theallenwolf

Instagram: @theallenwolf/

1. Tell us about yourself. What’s it like being both a filmmaker and a game creator?

I’m a game creator, author, and filmmaker, and I live in Los Angeles with my wife and two kids. I love creating games, books, and movies because I enjoy seeing stories spring to life, whether it’s through something I’ve made or the stories people tell as part of one of my games. Storytelling is at the heart of what I do. I feel tremendously blessed that I can inspire people to expand their imaginations as they experience my games or stories.

There’s a lot of crossover between my work. I featured the original version of my You’re Pulling My Leg! game prominently in my first movie, In My Sleep, which is now streaming on Amazon. I also featured the game in my first novel, Hooked, that will be released as a movie in 2021. I love that I can work in multiple mediums, and I’ve been able to feature my games in the stories I tell. It gives me great joy to hear that my games bring people together, helps people build relationships, and inspires their creativity.

2. How did you first come up with the idea for You’re Pulling My Leg!?

I came up with the idea for You’re Pulling My Leg! just before Christmas years ago when I was thinking about a gift I could give to a good friend. He was dating someone he thought might be his future wife, and I wanted to create something that helped them get to know each other better but within the context of a game to make it extra fun. They loved the game, and so I created more versions for other friends to play. It became a hit with those friends, and soon people encouraged me to turn You’re Pulling My Leg! into an actual game so more people could experience it, so I did. The game ended up selling in toy, game, and book stores worldwide, and I love that it all started as a gift.

3. What does the process look like for creating a game?

When you have a game idea, the first step is to create a prototype. I often visited craft stores and grabbed different sized boxes, jars, whatever I thought would help me make the game’s components. Once you’ve tested the gameplay, the next step is to create the playing instructions. The goal is to create instructions that work without you saying anything since people can’t ask you questions when they’re not sure how something works in your game. You’ll next want to observe people playing your game so you can see what works and what doesn’t, in particular when people you don’t know are playing your game. That way, you’ll get a clearer idea of how the game will play with the general public. When you feel like the gameplay is solid, you can start hiring graphic designers to help create the look for your game. After that phase, you can either pitch the game to a game company or ask game manufacturers to provide estimates on the cost if you’d like to make the game yourself. Creating a game takes a lot of creativity, time, energy, and resources, but when you see how much people enjoy playing your game, it’s all worth it.

4. How do you balance managing all your creative projects?

I start most days around 4:00 a.m. and sometimes even earlier. In those early morning hours, I’m able to work on my creative projects without interruption. I try to work on a project consistently and chip away at it day after day. Then, one day it’s finished, and I’m able to move onto something else. Starting any new project feels like standing at the base of an enormous mountain, and it can feel overwhelming to think of what’s ahead. But if you’re able to move forward with one small step after another, eventually you’ll discover you’ve made it to the summit. It takes a lot of perseverance, but it’s worth it when you see your creative work come to life.

5. Where do you get inspiration from? What is currently inspiring your creative process?

I’ve drawn creative inspiration from friendships with others and adventures I’ve taken in my city or around the globe. I’ve also felt creatively recharged when I visit museums, experience a great movie, enjoy a game night with friends, or visit Disneyland, where I’ve visited over 500 times. Everything in Disneyland is based on a story, and I have often spent time at the park to work on novels, screenplays, or other creative ideas.

I also draw inspiration from the Bible, and I try to read every day. It is an epic story of love, sacrifice, and redemption that takes place over thousands of years and continues to impact me today. My family greatly inspires me. I love seeing how my kids are uninhibited with their imaginations. They create stories, games, and characters using whatever resources they can find around our home. They perform with abandon and delight in whatever they make. I find that very inspiring. I’ve been married since 2009, and my wife inspires me as I continue to get to know her story and experience life with her.

6. When the pandemic happened, you were able to create new versions of You’re Pulling My Leg! and You’re Pulling My Leg! Junior that people can play virtually. How were you able to adapt the games? What do the new versions look like?

After the pandemic happened, it struck me how much we were all becoming isolated or cut off from our everyday relationships and interactions. At the core of You’re Pulling My Leg! is the idea that we can have a great time getting to know each other as we share stories from our lives. So, I started brainstorming on how people could play the game in person or over a video chat without needing the cards, shaker, and other playing pieces that came with the original game.

I experimented with having different groups of people play the game over video calls until I came up with a version that worked within a book. Then I gave the book to various people to test it independently, and I was happy to hear how much they got a kick out of playing it. It’s now very easy to play You’re Pulling My Leg! and take it anywhere. You can store it on your bookshelf instead of in a closet, and it’s simple to grab and start a game. My kids are much younger than the age I recommend for the Junior version, but they noticed the book and wanted to play, so we played together by just asking each other the questions, and they loved it. I hope this game will continue to bring people together when so much in our world is trying to pull us apart.

7. What are your favorite questions from the books?

I have many favorite questions from this game. What I appreciate about You’re Pulling My Leg! is that you’re able to ask people questions that typically wouldn’t come up in typical conversations, so you can get to know that person much better and more quickly. Since the questions are asked in the context of a game, it adds an extra element of fun as you try to figure out if that person is telling a true story or pulling your leg. My favorite questions from the book help you get a deeper glimpse into people’s lives.

From You’re Pulling My Leg!: One of my favorite questions is, “Tell me about a time when you panicked about something” because you get to hear a story about when that person freaked out about something, and it’s usually very funny in retrospect. “Tell me about a time when you did something you never thought you’d do” is a great question to hear about unexpected moments in that person’s life. “Tell me about something you’d do differently if given another chance,” allows you to learn more about someone’s history and how they would have made different choices. “Tell me about a date that didn’t go well” typically leads to some hilarious stories. “Tell me about a fictional character you would be if you could” lets you see a different kind of life that friends would like to experience.

From You’re Pulling My Leg! Junior: One of my favorite questions is, “Tell me something silly you have done” because it helps you get a glimpse into what that person sees as funny and silly, and it’s usually hilarious, especially when a kid answers the question. “Tell me about a time in your life you would repeat if you could” helps you see what that person thinks is a highlight from their life. “Tell me about something not many people know about you,” gives others a chance to tell you something that might surprise you. And I’ve never been able to ask, “Tell me about a time when you ate too much candy,” without laughing hysterically at the answer.

8. With the holidays around the corner, what are the best questions to get to know your family better?

When people play with their families, they sometimes think they’ll know all the answers to the questions, and they’re often surprised when they don’t. My favorite questions for families are, “Tell me about a time when you tried something for the first time” because it’s a chance to share about moments when you had new experiences. “Tell me about one of your imaginary friends” will get you laughing as you try to figure out if that family member is pulling your leg. “Tell me about something you would buy if you could afford it” might give you a future gift idea. “Tell me about a time when you were a supportive friend to someone” will give you a window into how people in your family have cared for others. “Tell me about something you have worried about” will help you see what’s on your family’s minds. “Tell me about an awkward conversation you had with someone” typically leads to entertaining stories.

9. Why do You’re Pulling My Leg! and You’re Pulling My Leg! Junior, make great gifts for the holidays?

When you give You’re Pulling My Leg! or You’re Pulling My Leg! Junior as a gift, you’re showing the person you’re giving it to that you value their life stories, want to get to know them better, or think they’ll enjoy connecting to others while having a lot of fun. To me, one of the greatest gifts is friendship, and this is a game that helps people build relationships and get closer while sharing laughter. I wrote the questions so they can have multiple answers so you can play the game over and over again, and it’s always fresh. The book is also printed locally in most countries, so you’re supporting local businesses. It’s eco-friendly, has a small footprint, and books are easy to gift wrap, a massive plus for me! 


Five Key Questions to Ask Your Date

By Allen Wolf

My wife has described our first date as the best she’s ever experienced. I say the same about our second date. To me, the difference was our conversation. We met up at a restaurant in Manhattan Beach for our second date, and afterward, we walked along the shoreline and talked deeply about our lives. There was just one problem. The sun was blazing hot, and I had forgotten to put on sunscreen.

My ancestors hailed from Ireland and the UK, so my skin reacts to the sun much like a fork in a microwave. Even though I knew I would pay for this conversation with a bad sunburn, I thought the pain would be worth it. And it was. Eleven years and two kids later, I’m glad my skin burned a little, so my heart could burn for my eventual wife.

If you’re looking for the person worth “the pain,” I created a game called You’re Pulling My Leg! that has over 600 questions designed to get to know the people you’re playing. I originally created the game for a good friend who was dating a woman he hoped would be his future wife. She was! Here are five key questions to ask your date from my You’re Pulling My Leg! game:

Tell me about a time when you avoided someone.

If someone shies away from conflict, they will likely avoid a person, and this question will help you discover if that is true of your date. Most of us have avoided someone in our lives, so be sure to follow up this question with more to discover if this is a pattern of behavior or something your date is actively working to improve.

Tell me about one of your favorite friends.

Though this question might seem benign, it will create a window into the person you’re dating. Is their favorite friend someone you would like to know too? Someone who brings out the best or worst in your date? Is it someone they’ve known for a long time? Be sure to delve deep with this one as I think you’ll discover the quality of that person’s friends say a lot about the person you’re dating.

Tell me about a time when you felt helpless.

Oh, life. If you live through enough of it, you’ll realize you are genuinely not in control. And, if you’re close enough to the people around you, you’ll encounter times when you’ve done your best but can’t help the person you love the most. This question will help you get to the heart of the person you’re dating, and if they’re willing to be vulnerable with you, you’ll get to see more of their real heart.

Tell me about a time when you stood up for something.

Is your date someone who goes with the flow or stands up for what they believe? This question will help you discover how they approach life and might even give you a glimpse into what they see in their future.

Tell me about something you have recovered from.

We’re all works in progress. This question will give your date the chance to tell you about something in their past that they worked through, or they could describe overcoming a nasty cold... Either way, you’ll get to see how they approach the times when they’re down, and that’s important given how many ups and downs the rollercoaster of life has in store.

Of course, if you don’t get to these questions while you’re playing You’re Pulling My Leg!, there are still 595 others that will help you figure out if this is the right person for you. You just have to ask. 

5 Key Questions to Get to Know Your Kids

By Allen Wolf

My wife and I helped our five-year-old boy, and seven-year-old girl ride their bikes when a stranger approached us on the street.

“Are those your grandkids?” he asked with a smile.

“No, I’m their dad,” I said with a shrug. The stranger chit-chatted about his grandchildren before moving along.

After he left, my daughter turned to me with a wry smile, “I told you that you’re super old!”

She certainly had. A few months earlier, she told me she thought I was “a million, thousand years old.” I’m in my late 40’s. I didn’t scold her for saying something that is horrifying to hear for people living in Los Angeles where youth is revered. At first, I did want to mount a convincing defense about how young I look for my age. But, I realized she had not yet learned the cultural norm of suppressing her thoughts. I held a rare position to hear her unbridled opinions.

I created the You’re Pulling My Leg! Junior game so parents could hear those same unfiltered opinions of their children – the good and the bad. Typically, if you ask your kids direct questions, they might feel a little intimidated to answer. But, in the context of a game, I’ve discovered that kids love sharing their thoughts, and they get a kick out of crafting their stories.

When The National Parenting Center reviewed You’re Pulling My Leg! Junior, they wrote, “Knowing your audience, playing to that audience and selling your ideas are some pretty heavy things to find in a simple game, but that is just what testers reported witnessing in their children as they played this game over and over. Along the way, you’ll be surprised how much you learn either about your own kids or about others.” Are you ready to be surprised at what you can learn about your kids?

Here are five questions I think will help you get a deeper glimpse into your kid’s hearts and imaginations:

Tell me about a time when you worried about something.

This question will give you a window into how your kids perceive their world. They might share about a time you knew nothing about, and you can use this as an opportunity to speak into their fears.

Tell me about something you would do if someone paid you a lot of money.

Children usually light up at this question. It’ll help you get a glimpse into their dreams for the future.

Tell me about something you would bring if you moved to another country.

Their answer will give you a window into what they feel like they can’t live without.

Tell me about a time when you acted like one of your parents.

Get ready to find out how your children perceive you.

Tell me about something mean that someone said about you.

Here’s an opportunity for your child to share about a time that might have been hurtful that you might be new to you.

You’re Pulling My Leg! Junior features these questions mixed in with many others throughout the game, and kids get to choose which three questions they’d like to answer. The best that can come out of playing You’re Pulling My Leg! Junior is that you and your family will get a lot closer, and you’ll have a lot of laughs along the way. 



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