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Beverely Oakley's Lady Unveiled Blog Tour with a Spotlight, Excerpt and Giveaway


I am so excited to have Beverely Oakley here at Paranormal and Romantic Suspense Reviews with a Spotlight, Excerpt and Giveaway.

Thanks Beverely and Goddess Fish Promotions for allowing me to join your Lady Unveiled Blog Tour!

Please take it away, Beverely!

Lady Unveiled ~ The Cuckold Conspiracy
(Final in the Daughters of Sin series, book 5)
by Beverley Oakley
GENRE: Historical Romantic Suspense (Regency)


Four very different sisters compete for love during an exciting London season: a celebrated actress with a heart of gold, a shy yet daring wallflower, and the artistic, illegitimate daughter of a nobleman.

Caught up in a high-stakes game of intrigue and deceit orchestrated by their sister, the ton's reigning beauty, each must play their part to bring a dangerous traitor to justice while finding a man deserving of their love and special talents.

The gentlemen of the ton are about to discover a woman made just for them.

If you enjoy Delilah Marvelle and Liz Carlyle, you'll love Daughters of Sin, a series that combines sensuous Regency romance with lashings of mystery and intrigue.


Lissa put out her hand and squeezed her sister’s briefly. “You will find someone else,” she said bolsteringly. “You’re young and beautiful and you are feted by the whole of London it would seem. I am proud of you, even if you think I’m not. Already in less than a year there’s been Lord Nash and then Lord Silverton — and while I don’t approve of your liaisons with them, it proves there’ll be others.”

Kitty’s mouth dropped open and there was a curious look in her eye as she whispered, “I can’t believe you’re insinuating what I think you are, Lissa! That I can so easily transfer my affections. I knew Lord Silverton for months as a good and loyal friend. I would do anything for him except ruin his future and relations with his family. No, there will never be another of his caliber. He and I were good together. We love each other. There’s no changing that! Just like there’s no changing the way you feel for Ralph. Now!” Her trembling mouth turned up into a smile. “Now, if you’re going to be out on the town tonight you can’t possibly disgrace the family name with the poor rig-out that is all you have at your disposal so I shall send Dorcas around with several suitable possibilities.”

Lissa was glad the conversation had ended on a better note but she shook her head. “I can’t possibly, Kitty.”

“No, I insist!”

“It’s not your generosity I’m turning down. I truly thank you. But I couldn’t possibly turn up somewhere in what would be a gross putting forward of myself suggesting I had ideas beyond my station. Besides, it would look like I wanted to cast Miss Lucinda into the shade.”

“Ideas beyond your station?” Kitty’s look was sad. “Lissa, you are the daughter of Lord Partington. Is it ‘above your station’ to wear a beautiful gown to an event that…that Araminta and Henrietta will be attending in lavish ball gowns? Don’t you want to show our half-sisters up? Prove you’re just as good?”

“But I’m not.”

“Not as good as Araminta!? Please!”

They both grinned at that and then Lissa ended the camaraderie with a worried look at the fading light. “I’ll have to go in now and see to Miss Lucinda.” She put out her hand feeling much more charitable towards Kitty now, despite the fact that Kitty was as impulsively misguided as ever. Kitty had always wanted to be better than Lissa knew that they could be. They’d been born in sin. Their brother Thomas could ride above the stain to his birthright through industry and the backing of influential sponsors.

Kitty, however, had sunk to the lowest depths of degradation possible: as London’s most feted actress.

But Lissa? Well, she could still cling to tenuous respectability as an overworked and underpaid governess.

AUTHOR Bio and Links

About Beverley Oakley

Beverley was seventeen when she bundled up her first 500+ page romance and sent it to a publisher. Rejection followed swiftly. Drowning one’s heroine on the last page, she was informed, was not in line with the expectations of romance readers.

So Beverley became a journalist.

After a whirlwind romance with a handsome Norwegian bush pilot she met in Botswana, Beverley discovered her “Happy Ever After”, saved her heroine from drowning in her next manuscript and had her first Regency romance published in 2009.

Since then, she’s written more than fifteen sizzling historical romances laced with mystery, intrigue and suspense under the name Beverley Oakley.

She also writes psychological historicals, and Colonial-Africa-set romantic suspense, as Beverley Eikli.

With an inspiring view of a Gothic nineteenth-century insane asylum across the road, Beverley lives north of Melbourne with her gorgeous husband, two lovely daughters and rambunctious Rhodesian Ridgeback, Mombo, named after the Okavango Delta safari lodge where she and her husband met.

She loves it when readers get in touch, and you can find out more on her website:

Or catch up with her here:


Twitter: @BeverleyOakley


And you can buy Lady Unveiled~The Cuckold Conspiracy here:

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Beverley will be awarding a $25 Amazon or B/N GC to a randomly drawn winner, and a boxed set of the first 3 books of the Daughters of Sin series to another randomly drawn winner (US ONLY), both awarded via rafflecopter during the tour. 

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