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Maya Tyler's A Vampire's Blog Tour with a Spotlight, Excerpt, Guest Post and Giveaway


I am so excited to have Maya Tyler here at Paranormal and Romantic Suspense Reviews with a Spotlight, Excerpt, Guest Post and Giveaway.

Thanks Maya and Goddess Fish Promotions for allowing me to join your A Vampire's Tale Blog Tour!

Please take it away, Maya!

Guest Post

The Villain’s Motive by Maya Tyler

Leaping from the pages of my latest book, my hero materializes before me as a tangible being, as real as the person sitting by me on the subway or passing me on the sidewalk. A hero, a.k.a. “the good guy,” a male lead character, can be defined by their unique characteristics or personality, but one common denominator among them is their opponent, a.k.a “the villain.”

The “Joker” to the “Batman”. The “Lex Luther” to the “Superman.” The “Loki” to the “Thor.” Every superhero faces a villain or two. Good versus evil. It’s the whole yin yang thing – the complementary nature of opposite forces. As in Newton’s Third Law, “for every reaction, there is an equal and opposite reaction,” without a villain, the need for a superhero ceases to exist.

If a hero surfaces to become a savior of sorts – a crime fighter, a protector – what perpetuates the emergence of a villain? Their motive. Whether it be revenge, love, power, pride, survival, ambition, fear, hate, greed, corruption, acceptance, rebellion and countless others… The motive defines the “why” behind the villainy. There would be no hero without the existence of the villain. The villain is just as, if not more, important to the story as the hero.

An effective villain is created with the same care, and completeness, as all the other characters. Many approaches can be taken, using complex motives, relatable characteristics, realistic conflict. A villain can be written as a tragic hero, someone who invokes sympathy in the reader. The good guy who commits a bad deed in order to achieve a good goal: protect a loved one, save the world. A villain can be written as a character with no redeemable qualities, whose main purpose is self-serving, regardless of the consequences.

A Vampire’s Tale contains a very obvious villain in the vampire set on destroying my hero Corgan Halton, and everyone he cares about, in an act of revenge. Revenge is a strong motivator. In this case, the vampire has been waiting a long time to extract payment for what he sees as a grievous injustice committed against him. He had been a young member of a nest of vampires. In his insecurity, he and other immature vampires one-upped each other in vile acts in order to solidify their positions within the group. Motivated by the desire for acceptance and the lust for power, a side effect of immortality, when his plans were thwarted in an unexpected turn of events, he carried on, re-building his vampire nest and planning to strike back.

A less obvious villain is Corgan’s maker, Dee. Turning Corgan into a soulless, blood-craving monster seems like an “un-death” sentence. Her motivation? Loneliness. Possibly driven from the fear of being alone, the instinct for survival, the need for love. In her own way, she saw turning him into a vampire as an improvement to his human life. As his maker, she is protective of him, wielding hurt to those she sees as a threat, still she callously left him for a time to fend for himself. Yet, out of love for him, there are no limits to what she will do. Dee initiated the fight with the vampire nest. Dee threatened my heroine, Marisa Clements, when she saw her as a risk to Corgan’s well-being. Dee has a “the end justifies the means” mentality, with a very loose concept of morality. She is an unrepentant killer, a selfish survivor.

Revenge. Acceptance. Power. Fear. Survival. Love.

A villain is a complex, integral character driven by motive. The villain’s motive. 

A Vampire's Tale
by Maya Tyler
GENRE: paranormal romance


The best laid plans

Marisa Clements was never satisfied writing the ‘gossip column’ in the local paper so she quit her job to follow her dream of writing fiction. Floundering in an unforgiving industry, she wrote about vampires, a popular subject she considered fascinating but as real as unicorns, to pay the rent.

Corgan Halton was tired of human misconceptions about vampires. He planned on telling Marisa his story and end his existence. It was no coincidence Corgan selected Marisa to write his story. With the ability to see the future, he knew she would be a major part of it. He knew she would be the one to help him die, but in doing so, she’d be doomed to the same fate. Once they met, their futures would be irrevocably intertwined.

Corgan began caring for Marisa and finally revealed the truth to her. He admitted his quest to atone for his past sins had put her in grave danger from a nest of revenge-seeking vampires. Corgan must claim her for her own protection. But claiming her is not enough, he must ask for help from his wizard friends and his maker in order to destroy his enemy or Marisa will never be safe.


He didn't have a name yet, but he had a face. A dark, mysterious face with a century's worth of secrets. Secrets he would tell her, only her, if she would listen.

Marisa took a deep, calming breath. “I’m listening.” She closed her eyes, waiting. A cool breeze shifted her hair and her eyes popped open. The old floorboards creaked, and she spun her chair around. “Who's there?” The candle blew out. “What the —”

Time — and her heartbeat — stood still. Paranoia set in, the consequence of writing too many vampire stories. She must've left a window open. Or something. She re-lit the candle and turned her attention back to her laptop, staring at the last words she'd typed.

Corgan Halton.

She didn't remember typing that.

“Corgan Halton.” She said the name slowly. “I like that.” She'd written a dozen vampire stories and this would be her best name yet. It had an old-worldly feel to it. Like a real name. She'd better look it up to make sure it wasn't a real name; she didn’t need a lawsuit. Did people sue for name infringement?

“Okay, Corgan Halton. Are you real?” She typed the name into a search engine.

“As real as you are.” The distinctive male voice resonated in the otherwise quiet room.

Marisa froze. She didn't dare turn around. It was her overactive imagination at play. There was no one there. She hoped. Maybe one of her friends? Is this a joke?

“Not a joke, Marisa.”

Gasping, she stood and spun around toward the sound of his voice.

As he stepped out of the shadows, she took in the man before her. Pale with black, curly hair, dressed in an impeccable suit. Dark and intimidating, he stood in her living room, shrinking the already small space.

Exactly as she’d imagined. She conjured him from her imagination? No… This is not happening.

AUTHOR Bio and Link

Maya Tyler, wife and mother of two boys, writes paranormal romance with a twist. Her debut novella Dream Hunter was released in December 2014. Her second novel A Vampire’s Tale released on March 22, 2017. She’s a romantic and believes in happily-ever-after. Being an author is her lifelong dream. She enjoys reading, music (alternative rock, especially from the 90’s), yoga, movies and TV, and spending her free time writing and blogging at Maya’s Musings.

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Hope you had a fabulous weekend! Looking forward to checking out this book!

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How many hours a day do you write?

slehan said...

Looks like an interesting book.
Thanks for the contest.

slehan at juno dot com

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How many hours a day do you write?

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How many hours a day do you write?

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