Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Wednesday Wish List


Please list the books/manga/manhwa/yaoi manga from your wishlist that you are hoping to add to your shelves in a comment, thanks.  

The Darkest Journey - Heather Graham
Dandelion Dead - Chrystle Fiedler
The Life She Wants - Robyn Carr
My Kind of Christmas - Robyn Carr
He's My Only Vampire Vol. 8 - Aya Shouto
Fruits Basket Collector's Edition Vol. 5 - Natsuki Takaya
First Love Monster Vol. 5 - Akira Hiyomashimaru
Of the Red, the Light, and the Ayakashi Vol. 4 - HaccaWorks
The Honor Student at Magic High School Vol. 4 - Tsutomu Sato
Overlord Vol. 2 (manga) - Kugane MaruyamaAre You Alice Vol. 12 - Ai Ninomiya
Ubel Blatt Vol. 6 - Etorouji ShionoSpace Dandy Vol. 2 - Masafumi Harada

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