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Karen Fenech BREATH OF MALICE Blog Tour with a Spotlight, Excerpt and Giveaway

I am so excited to have Karen Fenech here at Paranormal and Romantic Suspense Reviews with a Spotlight, Excerpt and Giveaway.

Thanks Karen and Sourcebooks for allowing me to join your Breath of Malice Blog Tour!

Please take it away, Karen!

Book Information 

Author: Karen Fenech
Release Date: June 14, 2016
Genre: Romantic Suspense / Thriller
Publisher: Montlake Romance


FBI Special Agent Paige Carson hoped she'd be able to start a new life in small-town South Carolina. But when a senator's sister is murdered and a blank postcard is left next to the body, Paige realizes that a killer from her past has found her -- and is sending her a very personal message.

From the moment he hired her, FBI Special Agent in Charge Sam McKade knew Paige was hiding something. Prompted by this recent threat, she finally opens up: one year ago, she caught the eye of suspected serial killer Todd Thames. Now he's come back to pull her into his game, whether she wants to play or not.

As the danger increases, Paige and Sam give in to their growing attraction, and he vows to protect her no matter the cost. But the murderer will stop at nothing to get to his intended prey, and the strong arm of the law -- and the shelter of her new love -- may not be enough to save her. 


“The day I accept that killers can get away with murder, I’ll turn in my badge.”

Paige twirled the stem of her glass slowly and gazed into the wine. “Justice doesn’t happen for everyone.” Paige thought of the women Thames had killed. His conviction had been overturned, and the law was clear: even if they could find additional evidence against him, he could not be retried for those murders. A shiver went through her.

Sam reached out and gently raised her chin so their eyes met. His touch — on the heels of her disturbing thoughts — startled her, and her fingers loosened on the glass. Instead of releasing her, Sam’s hand on her face tightened a bit, and his other hand that held his beer moved to grip hers and the glass. His hold was strong, steady, sure. He made her feel something she hadn’t felt in too long: safe. She’d cautioned herself to keep a professional distance from Sam, but she couldn’t step away from him and the safety he represented.

“No, it doesn’t,” Sam said, “but that can’t deter us, and I won’t use instances where justice isn’t had as a benchmark over times when it is. The people we serve need to know they can come to us and we’ll fight for them with everything we are.”

Paige could see he meant those words, that it was a code he lived by. It made Paige want to believe in heroes — to believe in him. She would have, if not for Thames.

Her throat burned, and she felt precariously close to tears. She hadn’t cried in a long time, recognizing the futility of it. The urge to break down in Sam’s arms nearly overwhelmed her. “I can’t do this, Sam. I can’t do this with you.”

Sam’s hold on her tightened. “What can’t you do? I want to help you. Let me help you.”

Paige made a sound of distress. “If you really want to help me, then let this alone. Please.”

Sam’s gaze became gentle. “I won’t ask any questions. You don’t have to tell me anything. Just let me hold you. Let me do that now because you need me to. Because I need to.”

Despite her resolve not to give in to them, tears filled her eyes, blurring her view of him. “I’m not who you think I am. I have nothing to give you, Sam.”

Sam set his beer and her glass on the deck railing then raised his hands to her face. He thumbed the tears now falling freely down her cheeks. There was pain in his eyes now, too. She could see he was hurting for her.

His eyes burned into hers. “Just let me hold you. That’s all I’m asking for.”

He wrapped his arms around her and brought her against his chest. She could feel the solid beat of his heart beneath her cheek. She thought he was going to kiss her, but instead he went on holding her. She was powerless against such tenderness. She couldn’t hold herself back and wound her arms around him, holding him just as fiercely.

It was a stolen moment. For this one moment, she allowed herself the delusion that there was no Thames, that her life was her own, and that what she was now feeling for Sam might have a chance to grow.

But a moment was all she could take. She stepped out of Sam’s arms. Her body shook with the force it was taking her to keep herself together. She left Sam on the deck and went into the house.

About the Author

Karen Fenech is the USA Today bestselling author of the romantic suspense Protectors Series and the erotic romance Surrender Series. Her novels and short suspense fiction have received critical acclaim, and many of her stories have been translated into several languages and have been released in audio format. For information about Karen’s books and to find out when her next novel is released, visit her website at www.karenfenech.com.

Social Media Links

Website: http://www.karenfenech.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KarenFenechsFriends/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/karenfenech
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/465885.Karen_Fenech

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